Proudly stepping out into the community...

JUNE 25, 2004 - Marcum Center Conference Room

Dr. Garland, thank you for your report. 

I want to speak to President Garland’s decision to implement domestic partner benefits.  President Garland and I have had numerous conversations about this issue during my years on the board. In addition, I discussed this topic in individual conversations many times with my fellow trustees.  I have also spoken to the chairs of some of the other Ohio universities on the subject.

As President Garland noted, domestic partner benefits have been debated for many years at Miami, in the University and Student senates, and in many academic departments and committees.  Trustees have received numerous correspondences from individuals and departments on both sides of the issue.  In fact, at our February meeting, the Trustees were addressed by two faculty members urging us to offer this benefit.  My point is that over a long period of time, the Trustees have received information and advice from many sources concerning virtually all aspects of this issue.

Having given this issue much thought and deliberation, I have come to the conclusion that, in the current difficult hiring environment, extending domestic partner benefits is necessary to recruit and retain the very best faculty and staff possible.  I therefore support President Garland’s decision, and I would like the Trustees to have an opportunity to show their support, as well.

I will entertain a motion that the Board of Trustees affirms the administrative decision to extend benefits to domestic partners for the purposes of strengthening the university and thereby enhancing its ability to recruit and retain members of the faculty and staff.  Is there such a motion?
Is there a second to the motion?  Is there any discussion? 

All those in favor, say aye. 
Those opposed, say no. 

The motion is adopted.