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  •  Andrea Brady
  • Introduced by Sam Ladkin
  • 1/2 - 16:13 - 121.1 MB
  • 2/2 - 12:40 - 109.8 MB
  •  Lisa Samuels
  • Introduced by Carol Mirakove
  • Poems - 14:28 - 99.8 MB
  •  Kathleen Fraser
  • Introduced by Wendy Mulford
  • 1/3 - 23:44 - 179.2 MB
  • 2/3 - 12:02 - 90.7 MB
  • from AD Notebooks
         12:42 - 98.8 MB
  •  Susan M. Schultz
  • '"Unlock a Marvell Karaoke': Quotation as Adoption in the Work of Denise Riley"
  • 1/2 - 10:29 - 82.3 MB
  • 2/2 - 10:20 - 54.8 MB
  •  Rod Mengham
  • "Adoption Poetics"
  • Introduced by Sam Ladkin
  • 1/2 - 11:29 - 91.5 MB
  • 2/2 - 11:47 - 98 MB
  •  Susana Gardner
  • Introduced by Kaia Sand
  • Poems - 17:38 - 136.8 MB
  •  Geraldine Monk
  • Introduced by Frances Presley
  • 1/2 - 12:46 - 98.1 MB
  • 2/2 - 17:18 - 141.4 MB
  •  Peter Middleton
  • "What's New in Lyn Hejinian's New Sentences?"
  • Introduced by Catherine Brown
  • 1/2 - 14:33 - 108.5 MB
  • 2/2 - 15:31 - 136.6 MB
  •  Carol Mirakove
  • Introduced by Keston Sutherland
  • Poems - 12:17 - 87.8 MB
  •  Marianne Morris
  • Introduced by Keston Sutherland
  • 1/2 - 15:08 - 115.2 MB
  • 2/2 - 14:24 - 102 MB
  •  Tom Raworth
  • Introduced by Keith Tuma
  • 1/2 - 9:19 - 55.6 MB
  • 2/2 - 13:05 - 106.8 MB
  •  Catherine Wagner
  • Introduced by Kathleen Fraser
  • 1/2 - 9:59 - 80.9 MB
  • 2/2 - 10:31 - 82.8 MB
  •  Coupons≠Coupons
  • Introduced by Jow Lindsay
         12:07 - 52.7 MB
  •  Kai Fierle-Hedrick
  • Introduced by Keston Sutherland
  • 1/2 - 11:53 - 62.5 MB
  • 2/2 - 12:49 - 102.8 MB
  •  Kristen Kreider
  • "Faces and Folds in 'the vastest earthly day': Page and Spatial Practice in Emily Dickinson's Later Manuscripts"
  • Introduced by Kai Fierle-Hedrick
  • 1/2 - 14:09 - 92.2 MB
  • 2/2 - 15:09 - 111.8 MB
  •  Tim Atkins
  • Introduced by Peter Jaeger
  • 1/2 - 10:15 - 74.6 MB
  • 2/2 - 10:21 - 74 MB
  •  Ken Edwards
  • "Out of Everywhere...Ten Years On"
  • Introduced by Caroline Bergvall
  • 1/2 - 13:06 - 107.1 MB
  • 2/2 - 11:13 - 63.3 MB
  •  Wendy Mulford
  • Introduced by Ken Edwards
  • 1/2 - 9:28 - 68.5 MB
  • 2/2 - 12:13 - 100.7 MB
  •  Peter Manson
  • On Maggie O'Sullivan's A Natural History in 3 Incomplete Parts
  • Talk - 14:37 - 100.1 MB
  •  Susan M. Schultz
  • Introduced by Rod Mengham
  • 1/2 - 12:02 - 79.8 MB
  • 2/2 - 8:33 - 70.8 MB
  •  Caroline Bergvall
  • Introduced by Kristen Kreider
  • 1/1 - 12:00 - 93.1 MB
  • 2/2 - 15:38 - 104.4 MB
  •  Kaia Sand
  • Introduced by Susana Gardner
  • 1/1 - 8:51 - 70.7 MB
  • 2/2 - 15:05 - 106.6 MB
  •  Leslie Scalapino
  • Introduced by Lisa Samuels
  • 1/1 - 17:24 - 141.3 MB
  • 2/2 - 12:57 - 109 MB
  •  Lucy Sheerman
  • "Flip the Dialectic: Some Notes on the Poetic Practice Seminar"
  • Introduced by Andrea Brady
  • 1/2 - 13:50 - 92 MB
  • 2/2 - 8:53 - 76.6 MB

If you have trouble viewing the videos, we have a selection up on our YouTube Page

Organized by Emily Critchley
University of Cambridge (UK) – October 6-8, 2006

Archive of the Now houses audio recordings from the festival.
HOW2 has published texts and select videos from the festival.


 >> Tim Atkins
is the author of: Folklore (Heart Hammer Press, 1996), To Repel Ghosts (Like Books, 1998), Sonnets (The Figures, 2000), Oriental Tapping (Puffin, 2001), and Last Poems (Tolling Elves, 2003). Work has appeared in the following anthologies: The Thunder Mutters (Faber, 2005), FOIL: An Anthology of New British Writing (Etruscan Press, 2000), and Resolute (Platform Gallery Publications, 2000). From 1997 - 20001 he was The Poetry Project Newsletter London Correspondent, and was contributing editor to Laird Hunt's Psalm 151 (New York / Paris). Designer and co-editor of online poetrics journal: Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of east London. Email: timatkins[at]onedit[dot]net

 >> Caroline Bergvall
Her most recent collection of poetic and performance pieces, FIG (Goan Atom 2) was published by Salt Books (2005). CD of readings and audiotexts, Via: poems 1994-2004 (Rockdrill 8) available through Carcanet. Text performances with sounds artists: most recently, Little Sugar for TEXT Festival (Bury, 2005) and Say: "Parsley" at the Liverpool Biennial (2004). Critical work is largely concerned with plurilingual poetry and mixed media writing practices. She is co-Chair of the MFA Writing Faculty, Milton Avery School of the Arts, Bard College (NY). More information:

 >> Andrea Brady
was born in Philadelphia in 1974 and has lived in the UK since 1998. She studied at Cambridge and now teaches Renaissance literature at Brunel University. She is co-publisher of Barque Press and director of the Archive of the Now. Her most recent work is a sequence on Greek Fire and white phosphorus, which can be seen at

 >> Coupons≠Coupons
is still for sale. Buy Today!. A forthcoming essay is called "[u style="display: none]What Spam Means to Network Situationism[/u]" and a current HTML work-in-progress is called A Bride in White Who is Not a Virgin.

 >> Emily Critchley
lives in Cambridge where she teaches practical criticism at Queens' College and is completing a PhD in contemporary American women's experimental poetry. She is also a visiting lecturer in creative writing at the University of east London. The Dirt Glitch Land Alter Affair and How to Make Millions were published by Arehouse in 2004. When I say I believe women... was published by Bad Press in 2006.

 >> Ken Edwards
His No Public Language: Selected Poems 1975-1995 was published Autumn 2006 by Shearsman Books, and another collection, Bird Migration in the 20th Century, is due shortly from Spectacular Diseases. Recent poetry books include eight+six (2003) and Good Science (1992), and his novel Futures was published in 1998. Ken Edwards now lives in Hastings, East Sussex, with his partner Elaine, after 35 years in London. His day job is editing two journals for the Royal College of Nursing, but he also runs the independent literary press Reality Street Editions, and was project editor for Out of Everywhere.

 >> Kai Fierle-Hedrick
was born in Toronto, Canada; Canadian/American. She is a mixed-media writer whose practice seeks to negotiate between semantic, visual, and sonic expression. Keen on site-specific and collaborative projects, she holds an MPhil in Architecture and the Moving Image from Cambridge University, was a part of the colloquium Partly Writing 4 on "Writing & the Politics of Exchange" and since 2005 has been largely preoccupied designing and facilitating cross-disciplinary workshops for young people via the East-Side Educational Trust. She will start a PhD in Poetic Practice at Royal Holloway, University of London in Oct 2006. Contact:

 >> Kathleen Fraser
is one of the most significant poets of the last generation. She is the author of 14 books of poetry including, most recently, - il cuore : the heart - New & Selected Poems (1970-1995) (Wesleyan University Press, 1997) and hi    dde violeth     i dde violet (Vancouver: Nomados, 2003). She has taught at the Iowa Writers Workshop, Reed College, The Naropa Institute and San Francisco State University where she was professor of Creative Writing from 1972 to 1992. She founded The American Poetry Archives during her directorship of The Poetry Center at SFSU. From 1983 through 1991, Kathleen Fraser published and edited the groundbreaking journal HOW(ever), focusing on innovative/exploratory work by English-language women poets.

 >> Susana Gardner
was born and raised in Rhode Island, now living in Switzerland with her partner and young daughter. Her first chapbook, To Stand to Sea, was published this year by The Tangent Press and is presently being translated into Italian and forthcoming from Canterena Press, Genoa. She edits Dusie, the online poetics journal and Dusie Press, all of which can be accessed via

 >> Justin Katko
is a video-artist, poet and publisher. He edits Plantarchy, co-edits On Company Time with Keston Sutherland, and maintains Meshworks. He collaborates with Camille PB as Coupons-Coupons.

 >> Kristen Kreider
is a practising artist and full-time PhD researcher working in an interdisciplinary capacity between the Bartlett School of Architecture and the Slade School of Fine Art. Her work develops poetic practice in relation to fine art and spatial practice through poetry, artist books, installation art, moving image and textual interventions into architectural and urban sites. She is also a founding member of whose most recent large-scale exhibitions include the 'Eight Rooms' project, culminating with an exhibition at the Triskel Arts Centre in Ireland as part of the European Capital of Culture 2005 programme, and 'CELL,' installed at the ArtX exhibition in Toyama, Japan. Kristen also runs a History and Theory seminar for postgraduate students at Bartlett and undergraduate students at the Slade and teaches BA Fine Art - Studio Practice at Goldsmiths College.

 >> Peter Manson
lives in Glasgow. With Robin Purves he edits Object Permanence press. Recent publications include a collections of his translations from Survivors Press; also a selected poems from Barque Press, For the Good of Liars; and his prose work Adjunct: An Undigest from Edinburgh Review. Author website:

 >> Rod Mengham
is a Reader in Modern English Literature at the University of Cambridge, where he is also Curator of Works of Art for Jesus College. He is the author of books on Charles Dickens, Emily Bronte and Henry Green, as well as of The Descent of Language (1993). He is also the editor of the Equipage series of poetry pamphlets and recently co-edted (with John Kinsella) an anthology of New Modernist poems entitled Vanishing Points (Salt, 2004). His own poems have been published under the title Unsung: New and Selected Poems (Folio/Salt, 1995; 2nd edition, 2001).

 >> Peter Middleton
is the author of Aftermath (Salt), Distant Reading (Alabama) - a collection of essays on performance and readership - and other books and articles on modern literature. He teaches at the University of Southampton.

 >> Carol Mirakove
is the author of Mediated (Factory School), Occupied (Kelsey St. Press), temporary tattoos (BabySelf Press), and WALL (ixnay), and she appears on the Narrow House CD Women in the Avant-Garde.

 >> Geraldine Monk
Her Selected Poems appeared in 2003 from Salt Publishing, and Escafield Hangings, her latest collection, was published in 2005 by West House Books. Raccoon is due to be published by Free Poetry in 2007.

 >> Marianne Morris
is Canadian by birth and a Londoner by day; is a writer, painter, collagemaker and taxidermic sculptor based in East London. She was born in 1981 and founded Bad Press in 2002. Currently in development is Bad Press Records - watch this space.

 >> Wendy Mulford
Her most recent book was: and suddenly supposing: Selected Poems (estruscan books, 2002). WHISTLING THROUGH THE NIGHTWOOD with poems by WM, Pauline Stainer, Anne Beresford and Herbert Lomas will soon be appearing from sisters&brothers. There will also be a new book of poems from Reality Street, The Space Between. WM is currently involved in reworking the collaboration commissioned by Cork Literary Festival, 2005, with Michael Parsons & Angharad Davies, to be performed in St Anne & St Agnes Church in the City, spring 2007.

 >> Redell Olsen
Her publications include Book of The Fur, Rem Press (Cambridge, 2000), Secure Portable Space, Reality Street (Hastings, 2004), Here Are My Instructions, Gefn Press (London, 2004). Punk Faun: a baroque pastel is forthcoming in 2007. She is a lecturer at Royal Holloway, University of London where she is the course director for the MA in Poetic Practice. She is the editor of the internet journal How(2)

 >> Maggie O'Sullivan
Her Body of Work, which brings together for the first time all of the long out of print bookworks from the 1980's, is out now from Reality Street Editions. It contains a complete reprint of A Natural History in 3 Incomplete Parts, the subject of Peter Manson's talk. The complete online texts of all origins are lonely and murmur are available on Maggie's website
 >> Camille PB
is a masters student and future PhD candidate in information and communication sciences (at Université de Paris VIII, dept. Hypermédia). Her research digs into the politics and epistemology of software, through a critique of the art of programming. She works with language situations and found structures, and describes herself as an occasional, or ad hoc, poet. Blog and information can be found at

 >> Tom Raworth
has more or less hair. Watch his reading at Miami University here.

 >> Lisa Samuels
Her recent poetry includes Paradise for Everyone (Shearsman Books, 2005) and Increment / a family romance (Bronze Skull, 2006). She just moved to New Zealand to teach at the University of Auckland.

 >> Kaia Sand
is the author of the collection of poems interval (Edge Books) and co-editor of the Tangent, which publishes a zine, pamphlets, and chapbooks. Her petry most recently appeared in the Ixnay Reader, Tool: A Magazine, and an issue of Dusie comprised entirely of chapbooks. Work is forthcoming in McSweeney's Quarterly Concern and Effing Magazine. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

 >> Leslie Scalapino
is the author of thirty books of poetry, inter-genre fiction-poetry-criticism and plays, including recently Zither & Autobiography and The Tango. Forthcoming poetry books are: a collection from Green Integer titled Day Ocean State of Stars' Night and Scalapino's Selected Poems from UC Berkeley Press.

 >> Susan M. Schultz
has three books of poetry, most recently And then something happened (Cambridge: Salt, 2004), as well as a new book of essays from Alabama, A Poetics of Impasse in Modern and Contemporary Poetry (2005). She edits Tinfish Press out of her home in Kane`ohe, HI. She has taught at the University of Hawai`i since 1990.

 >> Lucy Sheerman
has been Literature Officer at Arts Council England, East since May 2001. One of her main responsibilities has been the development of a literature plan for the East of England. She was the Public Relations Officer at Kettle's Yard, Cambridge, from September 1999 until April 2001. She did a BA in English and a PhD in contemporary poetry at Jesus College, Cambridge from 1990-98. During this period she set up, and ran, a national festival of women writers. The festival ran for five years (1993-98) and involved writers from all over the world. She also established rem press, the poetry press and reading series, which aimed to promote writing by younger writers (1996- ). Previous publications include work by Dell Olsen, Drew Milne, Fiona Templeton and Jennifer Moxley. In 2003 she co-founded the Poetics Seminar with Dell Olsen and Andrea Brady. She had a daughter in 2004. She continues to write both poetry and critical work. A recent writing project, First Memory, is due for publication at the Archive of the Now.

 >> Keith Tuma
lives in Oxford, Ohio. BIO.

 >> Catherine Wagner
Her two books of poems are Macular Hole (Fence, 2004) and Miss America (Fence, 2001). Among her chapbooks are Hotel Faust (West House Books / Gratton St Irregulars, 2001), Exercise (811 Books, 2004) and Imitating (Leafe Press, 2004). Recent work can be found in Black Clock, Five Fingers Review, Fourteen Hills, The Hat, New Review and Superflux. She is a Professor of Literature at Miami University, Ohio. Watch her reading at the Cork SoundEye Festival here.

Participant bios were copied from the publication supplement to the Festival: THESE PAGES ARE MARKED BY WOMEN (Editors Emily Critchley & Neil Pattison).