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For Spring 2007, San Jose State University has awarded Harris two course releases: 1) to prepare an NEH Scholarly Editions grant for submission in November 2007 that will further fund the Forget Me Not Project and 2) to conduct research and continue drafting articles and a book manuscript that utilizes the Forget Me Not Project (awarded by the College of Arts & Humanities). Harris has also been awarded a California State University Research Grant to continue research and assembly of the manuscript.

For Fall 2006, San Jose State University generously awarded a Dean's Small Grant to support a graduate assistant on this project.

For Spring 2006, the San Jose State University Foundation generously awarded funds to support a graduate assistant on this project.

For 2005-2006, purchasing equipment to facilitate further additions to this archive are made possible by a CSU Research Grant from San Jose State University and the California State University regents. 

The Bibliographical Society of America invited me to participate in their New Scholars Panel at the annual meeting in New York City. On January 28 2005, I presented "Feminizing the Textual Body: Women and Their Literary Annuals in Nineteenth-Century Britain," which will be published in the December 2005 Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America.

In August 2004, the Bibliographical Society (England) awarded a minor research grant to conduct further inquiry into the British literary annuals held in Fales Library, New York University. I thank the Bibliographical Society (and Dr. Bill Bell) for their support.

In February 2004, I was awarded one of seven Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Grants in Women's Studies to complete my dissertation project by May 2005. I thank the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation for its support.   

For 2003-2004, my entire dissertation project was funded by a Dissertation Year Fellowship awarded by The Graduate Center, City University of New York. Funding for this award was provided by the Jewish Foundation for the Education of Women. 

Professor David Greetham encouraged the development of this hypertextual archive as a project for his graduate course, "Theory and Practice of Literary Scholarship and Criticism" in the Doctoral Program in English at The Graduate Center, City University of New York. This project has also been graciously supported by the Helena Rubinstein Foundation through an award from the Women’s Studies Certificate Program at The Graduate Center (2000-2001).

Please take a moment to provide comments or suggestions in the Guestbook. Or, contact me directly: kharris at  To view other work that I have been involved with, please view my Curriculum Vitae.


This hypertextual archive is © 2001 Katherine D. Harris and is the result of independent labor by Katherine D. Harris. The material contained in this hypertextual archive may be freely distributed, as long as the origin of information used has been properly credited in the appropriate manner (e.g., through bibliographic citation).

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