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Literary Annuals

The Annuals of Former Days.” The Bookseller, November 29, 1858. 493-499. Anonymous.
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Internet Library of Early Journals. A digital library of 18th and 19th century journals, including Blackwood's Magazine; all text is searchable.
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Waterloo Directory of English Newspapers and Periodicals: 1800-1900The Waterloo Directory has gone digital: With trial registration, users can search through periodical titles and receive information regarding editors, publishers, history and comments regarding newspapers and periodicals; no articles included.
Watts, Alaric Alfred. Alaric Watts. A Narrative of His Life. Vol. I of II. London: Richard Bentley and Son, 1884. A biography of Watts (editor of Literary Souvenir) by his son.
Wellesley Index. Citations only of 19th-century British periodicals. Curran Index updates and corrects this index. (Maintained by Victorian Research Web.)
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Literary Annuals on the Web

Ackermann, Rudolf - Portrait of (1810-14). Attributed to François Nicholas Mouchet. National Portrait Gallery.
Barnhill, George B., Curator. "Literary Annuals." American Antiquarian Society. Last updated January 2002. Gives a general background regarding the American literary annuals held by AAS.
Bijou; or Annual of Literature and the Arts. London: William Pickering, 1828. Facsimile with transcripts of contents; created and maintained by Dr. Laura Mandell, Dept. of English, Miami University for the Poetess Archive.
Craciun, Adriana, Webmaster. Women Romantic-Era Writers. Last updated October 26, 2002. Lists resources on the Web.
Gassan, Richard. "Carey and Lea, Printer and Publisher: Seasonal Variations in its Business Cycle, 1833-1836." From Revolution to Reconstruction: An HTML Project. Last updated March 6, 2003.
"Gift Books and Annuals." American Women/American Memory. The Library of Congress. Gives an overview of the American tradition as well as links to its holdings in American literary annuals.
"Gift Books and Annuals." The Harris Collection, Brown University Library. Last updated February 7, 2003.  Narrates the American phenomenon of literary annuals.
"Nineteenth-Century British and American Literary Annuals." Thomas Cooper Library, University of South Carolina. Last updated June 16, 2002.
Matsuoka, Mitsuharu. "Thomas Hood." Last updated August 2003. Maintained by Professor Mitsuhara Matsuoka at Nagoya University. Selections from his poetry, a chronology of his life and a list of links to sites on Hood.

Bibliographic / Textual / Theory

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