Index of Engraving Titles
Forget Me Not
Vols. (1823-1830)

This alphabetical index of engraving titles has been compiled from the engravings included in the 1823-1830 volumes of the Forget Me Not. In many instances, well-known artwork was borrowed from private owner for a considerable fee; for others, an editor and/or publisher's acquaintance would lend the artwork without charge. Artists were also commissioned to render designs and/or drawings of particular scenes (castles, shipwrecks, etc.). (I have indicated alongside the title if it was a painting or a design only when specified in the annual itself.) The engravers were then given the painting from which to create either a woodcut/intaglio or steel plate engraving. Since engravers were labeled "copyists," they were not admitted to the Royal Academy and hence were not validated by the premiere artistic community.  Many of the Artists had R.A. following their names indicating membership in the Royal Academy.  No engraver's name was printed with those initials.  (I have omitted the "R.A." from this index for clarity's sake.)  However, as can be seen by viewing Henry Le Keux's engraving of John Martin's "Seventh Plague of Egypt" below," engravers, though not creating original designs, shouldered the tedious responsibility of rendering tone, depth and color into fine lines -- a decidedly artistic endeavor. 

With proofs in hand, editors then solicited authors for a verbal illustration of the newly pressed engraving.  The original idea was to distribute artwork as well as "polite literature" to the middle to upper-middle classes through these annuals. Artwork that readers would not have otherwise viewed/visited was then distributed en masse, a practice that popularized not only the artwork, but also influenced artistic movements, e.g., landscape scenes. 

This particular index lists each original artist, the title of the engraving, the engraver and its FMN location (indicated by the year and page number).  You may also view an Index of Original Artists or an Index of Engravers by clicking on the headings below.  Each engraving title is linked to its image (which will appear in a separate screen), and each FMN year is linked to that volume's main page. 

In the FMN volume, some engravings listed neither an engraver nor an original artist; this is indicated here by a blank in either of these columns.  The inscription engravings are not included in this index.

All names have been transcribed as they were printed in the FMN.  This method is prompted by the inconsistencies that appear in the signature of first names (initials or abbreviations): The engraver G. Corbould is most likely the same person as Geo. Corbould, but because I am not familiar with the art history of this period, I have transcribed the names exactly as they appear. Creating engravings was often a family business, hence more than one member of the family (with the same last name) contributed to a single volume, e.g. E. Finden and W. Finden.  The 1826 FMN contains two engravings signed only with the surname, "Finden." There is no evidence to attribute the engravings to either "E." or "W." 

Engraving Title

Engraver Location Original Artist
Ademdai Corbould, G. 1825, 125 Corbould, H.
Alice Goodyear, J. 1829, 403 Leslie, C.R.
April Burney 1823, 11  
August Burney 1823, 19  
Bishop Hubert Agar, J.S. 1824, 176 Rullmann, L.
Blind Piper, The Shenton, H.C. 1829, 365 Clennell, L.
Booroom Slave, The Finden, E. 1828, 37 Thomson, H.
Bridal Morning, The [image not available] Finden, E. 1828, faces title page Stephanoff, J.
Bridge of Sighs at Venice, The Le Keux, H. 1826, 27 Bout
Castle of Chillon, The Le Keux, H. 1827, 301 Prout, S.
Child's Dream, The Heath, C. 1826, 1 Westall
Constancy Portbury, F.J. 1829, 157 Stephanoff, P.
Contemplation Finden 1826, 379 Westall
Cottage Door, The Finden 1826, 254 Hills
Cottage Kitchen, The Romney, J. 1829, 329 Witherington, W.F.
Days of Old Corbould, G. 1826, 107 Corbould, H.
Death in the Kitchen Finden, Wm. 1828, 157 Stothard, T.
Death of the Dove, The [painting] Finden, W. 1830, 303 Stewardson, T.
December Burney 1823, 27  
Discovery, The Corbould, G. 1824, 34 Corbould, H.
Dover Finden, E. 1827, 69 Owen, S.
Dying Soldier, The [painting] Corbould, Geo. 1825, 67 Uwins, T.
Eddystone Light-House Wallis, R. 1829, 181 Owen, S.
Ellen Fry, W.I. 1824, 11 Burney, E.F.
Ellen Strathallan Agar, Y. 1829, 31 Sharpe, L. Miss
Escape of Mary Queen of Scots from Lochleven Castle Finden, Wm. 1827, 381 Westall, R.
Evening Prayer Heath, C. 1826, 156 Singleton
Exile, The Portbury, E.J. 1830, 109 Stephanoff, P.
Faithful Guardian, The Shenton, H.C. 1829, 65 Cooper, J.
Falls of Gavarnie, The Wallis, R. 1825, 386 Hardy, Esq., J.
Faithime and Euphrosyne Davenport, S. 1829, 95 Corbould, H.
February Burney 1823, 7  
First Love Warren, A.W. 1827, 40 Porter, J.
Flower-Girl of Savoy, The [painting] Robinson, J.H. 1830, 67 Gaugain, P.A.
Forget Me Not   1825, 1  
Forget Me Not Agar, J.S. 1824, 1 Burney, E.F.
French Capuchin Convent at Athens Le Keux, H. 1826, 293 Page
Frolic in a Palace Engleheart, F. 1829, 209 Chalon, A.E.
Ghaut, The Finden, E. 1830, 381 Daniell, W.
Greenwich Hospital Wallis, R. 1830, 241 Owen, S.
Hop Girl, The Finden, E. 1828, 335 Uwins, T.
Improvisatrice, The [painting] Romney, J. 1830, 273 Bone, R.T.
January Burney 1823, 5  
July Burney 1823, 17  
June Burney 1823, 15  
Kent Indiaman, The Wallis, R. 1828, 383 Owen, S.
Land-Storm, The [painting] Shenton, H.C. 1830, 89 Clennell, L.
Logicians, The [image not available] Goodyar and Shenton 1828, 357 Richter, H.
Love and Duty Heath, C. 1827, 269 Corbould, H.
Love's Motto Finden, E. 1827, 1 Westall, R.
Lover's Tomb, The Fry, W.F. 1825, 29 Westall R.
Mab's Cross Warren, A.W. 1828, 253 Westall, R.
Madonna [painting] Agar, J. 1823, faces title page Gimignano, Vincenzio de san
Madonna of St. Sixtus, The  [painting] Fry, W.F. 1825, 166 Raphael
March Burney 1823, 9  
Marcus Curtius Le Keux, H. 1829, faces title page Martin, J.
Maria de Torquemada taking the Veil Finden, Wm. 1827, 87 Westall, R.
Mausoleum of Princess Charlotte, Interior Le Keux, H. 1824, 36 Moore, C.
Mausoleum of Princess Charlotte, Exterior Le Keux, H. 1824, 314 Pugin, A.
May Burney 1823, 13  
Mimili Fry, W.I. 1824, 45 Burney, E.F.
Mimili Feeding Poultry Fry, W.I. 1824, 70 Burney, E.F.
Mother's Grave, The Finden, E. 1827, faces title pg. Westall, R.
Mysterious Interview, The Fry, W.I. 1824, 28 Corbould, H.
November Burney 1823, 25  
October Burney 1823, 23  
Orphan Family, The [painting] Davenport, S. 1830, 135 Chisholme, A.
Parting Charge, The Heath, C. 1825, 55 Westall R.
Pavilion, Brighton, West Front, The Winckles 1826, 338 Pugin
Place and Church of St. Mark, The Freebairn, A. 1827, 357 Prout, S.
Place de Jeanne D'Arc, Rouen [drawing] Le Keux, Henry 1830, 43 Prout, S.
Poet's Study, The Agar, J.S. 1824, 108 Burney, E.F.
Princess Elizabeth at Woodstock Smart, R.W. 1827, 329 Fradelle, H.
Proposal, The Humphrys, W. 1829, 245 Stephanoff, J.
Quadrant, The Le Keux, H. 1824, 330 Pennethorne, J.
Rational Lunatic, The  [painting] Heath, C. 1825, 315 Uwins, T.
Regretted Ghost, The Heath, C. 1826, 79 Westall
Rialto, Venice, The [drawing] Freebairn, A. 1828, 129 Prout, S.
Royal Nuptials Corbould, G. 1825, 110 Corbould, H.
Sacontala Corbould, Geo. 1825, 198 Corbould, Hy.
Schoolboy, The Finden, Wm. 1829, 293 Thomson, H.
September Burney 1823, 21  
Sepulchral Monument at Verona Finden, E. 1827, 207 Prout, S.
Seventh Plague of Egypt, The Le Keux, H. 1828, 203 Martin, J.
[See original oil painting]
Shipwreck, The [painting] Smart, R.W. 1830, 341 Reinagle, G.P.
Sir Everhard Corbould, G. 1826, 181 Westall
Sir Roger de Coverley in Love Heath, C. 1827, 231 Porter, J.
Sister's Dream, The Davenport, S. 1828, 1 Corbould, H.
Sketch from Nature [drawing; image not available] Finden, E. 1828, 225 Howard, H.
Spanish Princess, The [painting] Graves, R. 1830, faces title page Wilkie, David
Stag, The Finden, E. 1827, 127 Hills, R.
Tempting Moment, The Shenton, H.C. 1830, 169 Collins, W.
Test of Love, The Corbould, G. 1824, 194 Corbould, H.
Tournament, The Heath, C. 1825, 260 Westall R.
Triumph of Poetry, The Warren, A.W. 1828, 295 Smirke, R.
Two Pilgrims in Grey, The Heath, C. 1825, 81 Westall R.
Undine [painting] Warren, A.W. 1830, 205 Retzsch, M.
Vicenza Freebairn, A.R. 1829, 273 Prout, S.
View on the Ganges Finden, E. 1829, 127 Daniell, W.
Vignette Title Chevalier, W. 1830 [no pg. no.] Burney, E.F.
Wedding Ring, The [image not available] Romney, J. 1828, 79 Sharp, M.W.
Woman's Love Corbould, G. 1826, 62 Corbould, H.
[Pavilion] Banqueting- Room Winckles 1826, 345 Pugin
[Pavilion] Music Room Gallery Winckles 1826, 343 Moore