Index of Prose Titles 
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Volumes (1823-1830)

(including Dramatic Scenes)

This index is alphabetically arranged according to the title (excluding "A" or "The").  The corresponding author and volume year are included in the entry.  Titles without an author were anonymous contributions or have not yet been identified.

Click on the year to view the facsimiles/transcripts for that particular Forget Me Not volume. Click on the author's name to view his/her complete contributions to literary annuals. Click on the title to view the prose piece.  (Full text of individual prose will be added as the archive grows.)   (148 entries)


Ademdai. From a Persian Manuscript [1825]
Adumissa. By Mrs. Bowdich [1826]
Agatha Gheranzi. By John Bird, Esq. [1828]
The Alcazar of Seville, and the Tale of the Green Taper. By the Author of "Doblado's Letters." [By J. Blanco White] [1825]
Alice. A Dramatic Scene. By Miss Mary Russell Mitford [1826]
Amba, the Witch's Daughter. By Mrs. Bowdich [1827]
The Antiquary and his Fetch. A Legend of the Strand. By Richard Thomson, Esq. [1830]
The Attacked Escort. A Spanish Scene [1827]


Beninboo and Dabuma; an African Tale [By J. M. Lacey] [1824]
Birthnight Ball at Riobamba. By J. Edwards, Esq.[1830]
Bolton Abbey [1826]
The Boor of the Brocken. By Miss M[aria] J[ane] Jewsbury [1830]
The Bridal Eve. A Dramatic Scene. By Miss Mary Russell Mitford [1827]
The Bridal of St. Domingo [1823]
The Bridal Ornaments. A Legend of Thuringia. By David Lyndsay, Esq. [Mary Diana Dods] [1827]
The Bridge of Sighs. By C. B. von Miltitz [1826]


The Cemetery of Père la Chaise, at Paris [1824]
The Church-yard of Schwytz [1823]
The Comet. By Henry Neele, Esq. [1827]
Comfort in Death [1823]
The Confessional [1823]
Confessions of a Frenchwoman [1825]
The Convent of St. Ursula. By John Bird, Esq. [1830]
The Cornet's Widow. By John Bird, Esq. [1829]
The Country Apothecary. By Miss Mary Russell Mitford [1828]



Days of Old. By T. Harral, Esq. [1826]
Description of a Sepulchral Monument at Verona. From the Journal of a recent Traveller [1827]
Description of the Ua More, a remarkable Cavern on the Coast of Sutherland. From the Journal of a celebrated Writer [1826]
Description of St. Mark's, and the Doge's Palace, at Venice. From the Journal of a recent Traveller [1827]
The Destruction of the Kent East-Indiaman. By the Rev. Henry Stebbing [1828]
Dorcasine Zinnopel Marionette Fatima, Sultana of the Grand Signor, Achmet the Fourth [1824]
The Dying Soldier [1825]


Eastern Apologues. By James Hogg, the Ettrick Shepherd. The Divinity of Song; The Beauty of Women; Maxims of Sadac, the Son of Azor [1829]
Eliza Carthago. By Mrs. Bowdich [1829]
Elizabeth [1824]
Escape of Mary Queen of Scots from Lochleven Castle. By Miss Benger, Author of "Memories of Mary Queen of Scots," etc. [1827]
The Euthanasia. A Story of Modern Greece [Signed Eως] [1829]
The Evening Walk [1824]
The Exile. By W.H. Harrison, Esq. [1830]


The Fairies' Grot [1826]
The Fallen Leaf. A Fragment [1825]
The Falls of Gavarnie in the Pyrennees. From the unpublished Journal of a Traveller [1825]
Fanny Lee. By W.G. Thompson, Esq. [1830]
Ferdinand Franck; an Auto-biographical Sketch [1823]
Ferdinand Franck; an Auto-Biographical Sketch (Continued from vol. i.) [1824]
First Love. A Dramatic Scene. By Randolph Fitz-Eustace [1827]
The Float [Signed Mary C---]  [1828]
The French Capuchin Convent at Athens; with the Choragic Monument of Lysicrates [1826]



The Ghaut. An Indian Sketch. By Miss Emma Roberts [1830]
Giuseppe Guercino [Signed Rosa] [1829]
The Goldsmith of Westcheap. By the Author of London in the Olden Time [aka Miss H. Lawrance] [1829]
The Gothic Temple at Claremont [1824]
Grace Neville. By Miss Mary Russell Mitford [1827]
The Grave of the Suicide [1825]
Greenwich Hospital. By the Old Sailor [aka M.H. Barker] [1830]
The Grey Palmer; a Legend of Yorkshire [1824]
The Guelph and the Ghibelline. A Scene from an unpublished Tragedy. By Miss Emma Roberts, Author of "Conrad, and the Kinsmen of Naples" [1827]
Gunhilda; or, the Champion Page. A Dramatic Scene. By Mrs. E. Cobbold [1825]


The Halt on the Mountain. By Miss Emma Roberts [1828]
Hans in Kelder. A Legend of the Great Frost. By the Author of the "Chronicles of London-bridge" [By Richard Thomson] [1827]
The Haunted Manor-House. By the Author of "The Duke of Mantua" [By John Roby] [1827]
The Heart and the Altar. By Robert Bell, Esq. [1828]
The Heroine of Padua [1824]
History of an Extraordinary Imposter [1824]
The Hour too Many  [1829]
The Houri. A Persian Tale. By the late Henry Neele, Esq. [1829]
The House of Castelli. By Thomas Harral, Esq. [1828]



The Indian Orphan; a Tale. By L.E.L. [1825]
The Intrigues of Venice, or Friar Gregory of Jerusalem. From the Original Spanish of the Author of "Doblado's Letters." [By J. Blanco White] [1826]




Kathed and Eurelia. A Bohemian Legend. By Derwent Conway [Henry D. Inglis] [1828]
Kemp, the Bandit. A Legend of Castle Campbell. By Delta [aka D.L. Moir] [1830]


Lacy de Vere [By Mary Shelley] [1827]
The Lady of the Tower [1826]
The Land-Storm. A Miliary Anecdote  [1830]
The Last Funereal Rites at St. Columba [1824]
The Life of a Hero. By Mrs. Bowdich [1830]
Light and Shade. A Portuguese Sketch. By Mrs. Marianne Baillie [1830]
Lost and Won. A Village Sketch. By Miss Mary Russell Mitford [1829]



Mab's Cross. A Legend of Lancashire. By the Author of "The Duke of Mantua" [John Roby] [1828]
The Madonna of St. Sixtus, by Raphael, in the Royal Gallery at Dresden. By Professor Böttiger [1825]
The Magic Mirror [1823]
The Magician of Vicenza   [1829]
The Magician's Visiter. By Henry Neele, Esq. [1828]
The Maid of the Beryl. By Mrs. Hofland [1829]
Marianne. By J. M. Lacey, Esq. [1825]
Maximillian and his Daughter. By Miss Emma Roberts [1827]
Memorials of a Schoolfellow. By the Rev. Henry Stebbing, A.M.  [1829]
The Merchant's Daughter. By W.H. Harrison, Esq. [1828]
Mimili. By H. Clauren [1824]
The Morning of New Year's Day in Paris [1824]
The Musician of Augsburg. By Derwent Conway, Author of Solitary Walks through Many Lands [aka Henry D. Inglis] [1829]




The Omen. By John Galt, Esq. [1830]
On Making and Conciliating Enemies. By Augustus von Kotzebue [1823]
On the Institution of Posts in general, and of the Post-Office of Great Britain in particular [1824]
Origin of Twelfth Cakes [1824]
The Orphan Family. By Mrs. Hofland [1830]



The Pastry-cook of Madrigal [1823]
The Pavilion, His Majesty's Palace, at Brighton [1826]
Pernicious Effects of Fortune-Telling [1824]
The Phantom Voice [1826]
The Philosophic Mouse; a Fable. By Augustus von Kotzebue [1824]
[Preface] Advertisement [1823]
[Preface] Advertisement [1824]
Preface [1825]
Preface [1826]
Preface [1827]
Preface [1828]
Preface [1829]
Preface [1830]
The Punishment of Curiosity [1824]

A Quarter of an Hour Too Soon   [1830]


The Rational Lunatic. By Henry Zschokke [1825]
Recollections of my Youth. By John Luscombe, Esq. [1827]
Recollections of Père la Chaise [Signed H.P.] [1829]
The Red Flag at the Fore. By the Old Sailor [aka M.H. Barker] [1829]
The Red Man. By A Modern Pythagorean [aka Robert MacNish] [1830]
The Red-Nosed Lieutenant. A Campaigner's Story [1827]
Regent Street - View of the Quadrant. By J.B. Papworth [1824]
The Regretted Ghost. By Mrs. Hofland [1826]
The Ring; a True Narrative. From the Russian [1824]
Royal Nuptials [1825]



St. Agnes' Fountain: the Roumaunt of Finsbury Archer. By the Editor of the "Chronicles of London Bridge." [By Richard Thomson] [1826]
St. Feinah's Tree. A Legend of Loch Neagh [Signed M.L.B. aka Miss M.L. Beevor] [1830]
Second Sight; A Dramatic Scene. By L.E.L. [1825]
Seeking the Houdy. By the Ettrick Shepherd [aka James Hogg] [1830]
The Shawl [1824]
Sir Everhard: A Tale of Chivalry. By W. C. Stafford, Esq. [1826]
The Sketch. By Mrs. Hofland [1828]
The Soldier's Dream. By D.L. Richardson, Esq. [1830]
South American Adventurers [1824]
The Sun-dial. By Delta [aka D.L. Moir] [1828]
The Syrian Princess. A Fragment of an unpublished Tragedy. By the Rev. R. Polwhele [1826]


The Tempting Moment; or, Some Passages in the Life of Mr. Gilbert Ghrimes. By W.H. Harrison, Esq.[1830]
Terence O'Flaherty. By A Modern Pythagorean [aka Robert MacNish] [1829]
The Test of Love. By Augustus von Kotzebue [1824]
The Three Damsels. A Tale of Halloween. By By David Lyndsay, Esq. [Mary Diana Dods]  Author of "Dramas in the Ancient World" [1827]
The Tournament [By William Cooke Stafford] [1825]
The Trial of Charles I. An Historical Scene. By Miss Mary Russell Mitford [1830]
The Triumph of Magnanimity [1824]
The Two Pilgrims in Grey [1825]
Two Scenes in the Life of a Favourite. By M.J.J. [Maria Jane Jewsbury] [1828]





A Village Sketch. By Miss Mary Russell Mitford [1826]
Visit to Chillon, on the Lake of Geneva. (Extracted from an unpublished Manuscript.) By the Rev. W. B. Clarke [1827]
A Visit to Coniston [1826]


The Wanderer's Return [1826]
The Wedding-Day [By William Cooke Stafford] [1825]
Woman's Love. By William Cooke Stafford [1826]


The Zanteote Lovers [Signed H. T**y.] [1829]


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