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Katherine D. Harris, an Assistant Professor in the Department of English and Comparative Literature, San José State University, specializes in Romantic-era and nineteenth-century British literature, women’s authorship, the literary annual, textuality and hypertextuality. Many of these issues are addressed in her article, "Infusing Bibliography and Book History with Hyper-Textuality: A Course for Undergraduates," an online supplement to the print materials. Harris’ most recent article, "Fantasies of Containment: Archiving Moments in Cyber- and Real-Life," addresses the gaps among hypertextuality, hyper-archives, digital literature and cyber-identities. Her previous article on literary annuals establishes the genre as a distinct mode of cultural history: ‘"Feminizing the Textual Body: Women and their Literary Annuals in Nineteenth-Century Britain" (Publications of the Bibliographical Society of America. 99:4 [Dec 2005]: 573-622). She edits an online resource for the study of literary annuals, Forget Me Not: A Hypertextual Archive of Ackermann's 19th-Century Annual which will also become part of her most recent work, a comprehensive literary history of British annuals. With Laura Mandell, Virginia Jackson, Eliza Richards and Harry Hootman, she edits The Poetess Archive, an online resource focusing on both British and American nineteenth-century authors. The accompanying Poetess Archive Journal currently contains articles by all editors, including Harris’ article "Borrowing, Altering and Perfecting the Literary Annual Form – or What It is Not: Emblems, Almanacs, Pocket-books, Albums, Scrapbooks and Gifts Books" (The Poetess Archive Journal 1.1). 

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Jennifer Cairns
Jennifer is a graduate student in English & Comparative Literature at San José State University. During the Fall 2006, Jennifer worked on the Forget Me Not project and performed proofreading, transcription of literary annuals and creating bibliographic descriptions. She completed proofreading the transcriptions (for some information from each Forget Me Not volume 1823-1846) created by the previous graduate assistant, Amy Leonard. These transcriptions contain the information of the publisher, printer, title page, preface, list of embellishments, and the table of contents. She was also able to complete a full transcription of the Forget Me Not literary annual from 1831 (over 300 pages of text). Finally, she completed brief bibliographical descriptions for twenty-three Forget Me Not annuals and full bibliographical descriptions for eleven Forget Me Not literary annuals: 1823-1825, 1828-1831, and 1835-1838.  Jennifer alerted Harris to the plethora of Gothic short stories in the 1831 Forget Me Not, a discovery that has resulted in a book chapter being added to the history of literary annuals that Harris continues to compile. Jennifer will return as a Graduate Assistant in Spring 2007 to assist with further research on the literary annual.

Amy Leonard
Amy is currently pursuing her Masters in English Literature at San Francisco State University. Amy was responsible for transcribing, scanning and cataloguing various contents of 25 Forget Me Not volumes as archive quality images and TEI-ready text documents. She spent May-July 2006 scanning
each page and boards using a tabletop book scanner (over 700 images).  Amy's work generated the acquisition of over 700 images in TIFF using Adobe Photoshop. She catalogued bibliographic details and tracked scanning workflow in MS Access database (over 700 entries).  In addition, she transcribed poetry, prose, fiction, title pages, table of contents and table of embellishments using Transcription Protocol specific to the project. Amy was instrumental in starting the project with such a substantial number of images.


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