PREFACE [1825].


Well aware that success naturally begets imitation, we fully anticipated, when commencing this work "as an annual token of friendship and affection," the appearance of other literary productions of a similar kind. The event has proved the accuracy of our opinion; but, not-withstanding the competition, last year, of two rivals for public favour, so little did their claims affect the popularity acquired by the Forget-Me-Not, that a very large impression was exhausted before the arrival of that season for which it is more particularly destined; and for upwards of a week before Christ-


ii                                             PREFACE.

mas, the Publisher was unable to execute the numerous orders which he was continually receiving. By this marked preference, we have been stimulated to increased efforts for giving to this work all the recommendations which interest, variety, and talents in the literary department, and superiority in graphic embellishments, are capable of conferring.

Among other arrangements for improving the appearance of the Forget-Me-Not, a new and elegant type, cast expressly for the purpose, was procured; but it was involved in the destruction occasioned by a fire which consumed the office where the work was printing, with all that it contained, including the whole impression of a considerable portion of the volume. The manuscripts for the remainder shared the same fate: some of these we have recovered, through


PREFACE.                                             iii

the kindness of the writers, who have furnished us with a second copy; others, we regret to learn, are irretrievable. In this predicament, for the present at least, is the conclusion of the Autobiography of Ferdinand Franck, of which, the ingenious author being on the Continent, we cannot till his return obtain another transcript. We are therefore obliged to entreat the patience of our readers in regard to this article, under the assurance that we shall be enabled to finish it in our next volume.

The numerous Contributors, with whose liberal assistance we have been honoured, will be pleased to accept this expression of our grateful acknowledgments; and, we trust, that the eminent and respectable names embraced in this volume-to say nothing of those writers who choose to remain anonymous-will induce many more of the votaries

iv                                              PREFACE.

of literature and the muse to lend their aid to the efforts of our honest ambition for producing a tribute worthy of Love and Friendship, and for maintaining the pre-eminence in the public favour to which the Forget-Me-Not is already elevated.

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