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Note: Click on authorís names to see their contributions to various literary annuals. Authors in brackets were published anonymously and later identified by Andrew Boyle in An Index to the Annuals 1820-1850 Titles without an author were anonymous contributions or have not yet been identified.

on Engraving to view the plate that accompanied a piece of prose or poetry. Click on the title of a piece to view the transcript.




A Child's Dream. By Bernard Barton, Esq. [Engraving] 1
Alice. A Dramatic Scene. By Miss Mary Russell Mitford 5
The Choice. By Miss L. E. Landon 18
Bolton Abbey [By Flora] 19
The Bridge of Sighs. By C. B. von Miltitz [Engraving] 27
The Debutante. By Mrs. Cornwell Baron Wilson 60
Woman's Love. By William Cooke Stafford, Esq. [Engraving] 62
Song. By H. Brandreth, Esq. 78
The Regretted Ghost. By Mrs. Hofland [Engraving] 79
Romance. From the Spanish of Gongora. By J. H. Wiffen, Esq. 102
Stanzas. By the Rev. W. B. Clarke 104
Days of Old. By T. Harral, Esq.  [Engraving] 107
Sonnet. By J. Bowring, Esq. 116
The Island of Atlantis. By the Rev. G. Croly 117
The Fairies' Grot [Signed A.D.T.] 119
A Tale of St. Michael's Mount. By Mr. J. Bird 136
The Wanderer's Return [By Peregrine] 142
Evening Prayer at School. By Mrs. Hemans [Engraving] 156






Ella. By Montague Seymour 159
The Syrian Princess. A Fragment of an unpublished Tragedy. By the Rev. R. Polwhele 161
The Lady of the Tower [Signed A Traveller] 166
The Village Matron's Evening Song. By Mrs. Cornwell Baron Wilson 178
To the Passion Flower. By Bernard Barton, Esq. 179
Sir Everhard: A Tale of Chivalry. By W. C. Stafford, Esq.  [Engraving] 181
The Bride of the Danube. By Miss Pickersgill 210
A Visit to Coniston [By Flora] 217
Human Life. By Montague Seymour 230
Evening. By Miss S. E. Hatfield 231
Adumissa. By Mrs. Bowdich 233
The Cottage Door. By Bernard Barton, Esq. [Engraving] 254
Description of the Ua More, a remarkable Cavern on the Coast of Sutherland.  From the Journal of a celebrated Writer [Assigned to Sir Walter Scott by note accompanying article] 256
The Water Nymph. By T. Hood, Esq. 265
Serenade. By the late Mrs. E. Cobbold 266
The Intrigues of Venice, or Friar Gregory of Jerusalem. From the Original Spanish of the Author of "Doblado's Letters." [By J. Blanco White] 267
The French Capuchin Convent at Athens; with the Choragic Monument of Lysicrates [Engraving] 293
A Riddle, written in an Album. By James Montgomery, Esq. 296
Music. By the Rev. George Woodley 298






A Village Sketch. By Miss Mary Russell Mitford. 304
Song. By Randolph Fitz-Eustace 316
The Phantom Voice  317
The Pavilion, His Majesty's Palace, at Brighton [Engraving A] [Engraving B] [Engraving C] 338
Prince Ahmed and the Fairy. By Miss L. E. Landon 347
Stanzas for Music. By Randolph Fitz-Eustace 349
St. Agnes' Fountain: the Roumaunt of Finsbury Archer. By the Editor of the "Chronicles of London Bridge." [By Richard Thomson] 350
Time; illustrative of the Vignette on the Cover [Signed Memor] 379
[To] Contemplation; illustrative of a Subject after Westall. By Bernard Barton, Esq. [Engraving] [381]
Stanzas. By Henry Neele, Esq. 383
Remonstrance; addressed to the Writer of the preceding Stanzas. By the Editor of the "Forget-Me-Not" [By Frederic Shoberl] 384

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