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PLATES [1830].
1.  The Spanish Princess. By R. Graves, from a painting by David Wilkie, R.A.  to face the Title
2. Vignette Title. By W. Chevalier, from a design by E.F. Burney  
3. Place de Jeanne D'Arc, Rouen. By Henry Le Keux, from a drawing by S. Prout 43
4. The Flower-Girl of Savoy. By J.H. Robinson, from a painting by P.A. Gaugain 67
5. The Land-Storm. By H.C. Shenton, from a painting by L. Clennell 89
6. The Exile. By E.J. Portbury, from a design by P. Stephanoff 109
7. The Orphan Family. By S. Davenport, from a painting by A. Chisholme 135
8. The Tempting Moment. By H.C. Shenton, from a painting by W. Collins, R.A. 169
9. Undine. By A.W. Warren, from a painting by M. Retzsch 205
10. Greenwich Hospital. By R. Wallis, from a design by S. Owen 241
11. The Improvisatrice. By J. Romney, from a painting by R.T. Bone


12. The Death of the Dove. By W. Finden, from a painting by T. Stewardson


13. The Shipwreck. By R.W. Smart, from a painting by G.P. Reinagle


14. The Ghaut. By E. Finden, from a design by W. Daniell, R.A.


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