Select Collection of Poems, From Admired Authors, and Scarce Miscellanies.

With many Pieces never before Published.

Whate'er the theme, thro' ev'ry age and clime
Congenial passions meet the according rhyme.

Monody on Garrick.

North-Shileds: Printed by W. Kelley, . . . , M,DCC,XC.


To form a popular and pleasing collection of such Poems as are not very generally known, has been the chief design of the Editor, in which he has spared neither pains nor expence. To say in what degree his intentions have been effected, must be left to the judgement of the Public, whose candour and encouragment he most respectfully solicits.

Those Gentlemen who so kindly favoured him, for the purpose of selection, with such Books as he could not otherwise have easily procured, are desired to accept his sincere thanks; particularly the Gentleman, by whose assistance he has been enabled to embellish and enrich this collection with Verses from the Rev. Mr. Bishop to his Lady,--Lines on reading the Sorrows of Werter,--The Curate-- and the Manuscript Poems of the late ingenious Mr Bedingfeld. [iii / iv]

Notwithstanding the endeavours to be correct in the Printing, some mistakes may be found, but as it is believed they only consist in the omitting or misplacing of a Point or a Letter, (except in one or two instances, they will be easily noticed, and which the reader it is hoped will excuse.

April 1790.


[all names of authors are italicized.]

Hermit of Warkworth, Bishop Percy. 1

Verses sent to a Lady, with a Knife, Bishop. 48

On reading the Sorrows of Werter, Mrs. Peckard. 55

The Indian Philosopher, Dr. Watts. 56

The Lawyer's Prayer, 58

Order, 59

An Address to the Gout, 64

Apostrophe to Good Nature, Miss Moore, 65

Ode to Death, Della Crusca 68

Verses made at Sea in a Heavy Gale, 70

Letter from Marseilles to his Sisters, Dr. Lisle. 71

To a Spendthrift disinherited, 74

The Art of Dancing, Soame Jennyns. 75

The Gift of the Gods, G.A. Stevens. 94

Affectation of Delicacy ridiculed, Dr. Young. 96

The Man of Taste, Branstone. 97

The Female Seducers, Brooke. 109

Description of a Parish Poor House, &c. Crabbe. 127

Apology for Vagrants, ibid. 131

The Incurious, Dr. King. 132

The Three Warnings, Mrs. Thrale. 134

The Peasant and his Ass, 138

The Cotter's Saturday Night, Burns. 139

To a Mouse on turning up her Nest, ibid. 146

To a Mountain Daisy, ibid. 148

The Vicar of Welland's Monumental Inscription, 150

The Sportmsan, Rev. Gerald Fitzgerald. 151

A Sketch of Edwin, from the Minstrell, Beattie. 158

History of Porsenna, king of Russia, Dr. Lisle. 159

The Curate. A Fragment, 189

Prologue spoken at Winchester Theatre, Warton. 191

Duncan. A Fragment, 193

The Cobler, 198

Orthodox Advice, 200

Madness, Penrose. 201

Th Three Travellers, 204

An Elegy on the Death of two Goldfinches, 207

The Ocean, 210

A Dish of Tea, 212

Verse left at a Chop House, 213

A Sonnet, 214

Cosmelia, ib.

A Gentleman to a Surgeon letting his MIstres Blood, 215

The Presbyterian Parson's Breeches, ib.

The Fair Penitent, 217

A Dirge, 220

Verses written upon a Pedestal, 221

Sonnet, written on the Sea Shore, 224

On the Royal Marriage Act, ib.

Instructions ot a Porter, Bedingfeld. 225

Old Age the Season of Friendship and not of Love, ibid. 227

An Invocation, ibid. 228

On Four Beautiful Sisters, ibid. 229

On the Deatho f Miss F. H.'s Lover, ibid. 231

To Mrs. C---, on her desiring to see some of my Verses, ibid. 232

The Relapse, 233

Address to Mr. G. Pickering, ibid. 235

A Letter from a Clergyman of the Church of England, to a Female Quaker. 236

Her Answer, 237

Verses Copied from the Window of an obscure Lodging-House in London, 240.

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