Beauties titles and dates, from the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center card catalogue:

The beauties and defects in the figure of the horse London, 1816

The beauties and deformities of Fox, North, and Burke, this day is published, the 7th edition, London, 1784

The beauties and wonders of nature and science: a collection of curious, interesting and valuable information, for the instruction and improvement of the enquiring mind . . . with numerous illustrative engravings, London, [1840?]

The beauties of antiquity; or, Remnants of feudal splendor and monastic times. By J. Hassell. London, 1807.

The beauties of Boswell; being a series of drawings satirizing Dr. Samuel Johnson's visit with James Boswell to the Western isles of Scotland, by Thomas Rowlandson. San Francisco, the Book club of CA, 1942. Facsimile of original: Picturesque beauties of Boswell, part the first. Containing ten prints, designed and etched by two capital artists. [London]: E. Jackson, and G. Kearsley, 1786.

The beauties of Blair: consisting of selections from his works. Boston, 1828.

Beauties of Dickens: a selection of beautiful thoughts from the works of Charles Dickens / by Alfred I. Holmes. Brooklyn: A. I. Holmes, 1872.

The beauties of England. [Luckombe, Philip] The beauties of England: or, A comprehensive view of the chief villages, market-towns, and cities; antiquities; remains of palaces; monasteries; camps; and castles; the two universities: London and Westminster. Divided into the respective counties: and intended as a traveling pocket companion: pointing out whatever is curious, both in art and nature. London, L. Davis and C. Reymers, 1767. DA 620 L92 HRC

The beauties of England and Wales; or Delineations, topographical, historical, and descriptive, of each county . . . By John Britton and Edward Wedlake Brayley . . . London, Printed by T. Maiden, for Vernor and Hood [etc.] 1801-1816. [HRC has three copies]

The beauties of England and Wales. Introduction tot he original delineations . . . Comprising observations on the history and antiquities . . . together with remarks on the programs of architecture in succeeding ages. By J. Norris Brewer, London, Printed for J. Harris [etc.], 1818.

The beauties of England displayed, in a tour throught the following counties, viz. . . . . Toldervy, W. (William) Exhibiting a view of whatever is curious, remarkable, or entertaining. Taken from actual visitations of the places described; and embellished with copper plates. London: [], 1762; rpt. 1770

The beauties of English poesy. Selected by Oliver Goldsmith. London, 1767.

The beauties of English poetry. selected from the most esteemed authors, containing several original pieces, never before published. London: printed by W. Spilsbury for J. Walker, 1804. 2 v. PR 1173 W6 HRC HOA; another copy, both vol.s bound together: Am W830b 1804 Stark Lib'y

The Beauties of English poetry, or a collection of poems extracted from the best authors. Paris: Sold by Vergani, ed., Favre, the ninth year [1800/1801]. Inscribed: Mary Corkran, from her kind friend Mr. Browning, Christmas 1861.

The beauties of flora, and outlines of botany, with a language of flowers. A perennial offering. By John B. Newman, M. D. New York: 1848

The beauties of Fox, North and Burke. Fox, Charles James. The beauties of Fox, North and Burke; selected from their speeches, from the passing of the Quebec Act in the year 1774 down to the present time, with a copious index to the whole and an address to the public. 2d ed. London, Printed for J. Stockdale, 1784. [compiler George Chalmers]

The beauties of Gibbon, consisting of selections from his works. London, n.d.

The beauties of harmony: containing the rudiments of music on a new and improved plan; including, with the rules of singing, an explanation of the rules and principles of composition. Together with an extensive collection of sacred music, consisting of plain tunes, fuges, anthems, etc. some of which are entirely new. To the whole is added an appendix, containing explanations of musical terms, characters, etc. original and selected. / By Freeman Lewis. Pittsburgh: 1816

The beauties of Haydn: being a selection of the most esteemed sonatas composed by this great classic author, for the piano forte with accompaniments. To be completed in six books. Book 2. London, [1822?]

The beauties of history; or, Pictures of virtue and vice, drawn from real life; designed for the instruction and entertainment of youth. / By L. M. Stretch. . . the 6th edition. London: Prtd. for Charles Dilly, 1785. BJ 1661 S764 1785 HRC HOA Eighth edition London: Dilly,1789. BJ 1661 S764 1789 HRC HOA

The beauties of Homer [selected from Pope's trans] By William Holwell. London, 1776.

The beauties of Ireland: being original delineations, topographical, historical, and biographical, of each county. By J. N. Brewer. . . . London, Sherwood, Jones, & co., 1825-26.

The beauties of Lord Byron. Philadelphia, 1828.

The beauties of modern architecture. By Minard Lafever. New York, London, 1855.

The beauties of modern British poetry: systematically arranged / By David Grant. 6th ed. Aberdeen: G and R King, London: Hamilton, Adams, & Co., 1852 (Aberdeen: John Avery) PR 1175 E328 1852 HRC

The beauties of Moore: a series of portraits of his principal female characters, from paintings by eminent artists, made expressly for the work, under the immediate superintendence of Mr. Edward Finden. With descriptive letterpress. London, Chapman and Hall, 1846-1847.

The beauties of Mrs. Siddons: or, a review of her performance of the characters of Belvidera, Zara, Isabella, Margaret of Anjou, Jane Shore, --and Lady Randolph; in letters / from a lady of distinction, to her friend in the country. London: Printed for John Strahan, 1786. PN 2598 S5 B4 1786 HRC-TA Mek

The beauties of penmanship: illustrated in a variety of examples, designed to promote emulation in this most valuable art, / by R. Langford London: pub'd for the author, sold by Grosvenor & Chater, Sept. 1st 1797.

The beauties of Pickwick: collected and arranged by Sam Weller / [by Charles Dickens] London: W. Morgan, 1838.

The beauties of Pindar [pseud.]; being selections from the various works of that eccentric author; with a biographical memoir ofhis life and writings. London: T. Tegg, 1807. [Wolcot, John]

The Beauties of poetry, British and American: containing some of the productions of Waller, Milton, Addison . . . Evans, Barlow, Dwight . . . Philadelphia: M. Carey, 1791.

The beauties of Pope, or, Useful and entertaining passages selected from the works of that admired author, as well as from his translation of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. London: G. Kearsley, 1796.

The beauties of Rousseau / selected by a lady --London: Printed for T. Hookham, 1788. 2 vols. Dedication signed Eliza Roberts. PQ 2034 R524 1788 HRC HOA

The beauties of Saint Pierre: selected from his studies of nature. By Edward Augustus Kendall. London: prtd for Vernor and Hood, James Scatcherd, and Darton & Harvey, 1799.

The beauties of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. consisting of maxims and observations, moral, critical, and miscellaneous: to which are now added, biographical anecdotes of the doctor, selected fromt eh works of Mrs. Piozzi,--his life, recently published by Mr. Boswell, and other authetntic testimonies, also his will, and the sermon he wrote for the late Doctor Dodd. London: Prtd for C. and G. Kearsley, 1792. A new edition , being the eighth, wherein the two volumes are comprised in one, and arranged under one alphabet, with very considerable additions. Am J637 D782bh

The beauties of Scotland: containing a clear and full account of the agriculture, commerce, mines, and manufactures; of the population, cities, towns, villages, &c. of each county [Forsyth, Robert] Edinburgh, Prtd. for T. Bonar and J. Brown [etc.] 1805.

The beauties of Shakespear: regularly selected from each play. With a general index, digesting them under proper heads. Illustrated with explanatory notes, and similar passages from ancient and modern authors. / By William Dodd. London: Prtd. for T. Waller, 1752. 2 v. PR 2767 D5 1752 HRC HOA [HRC has 2nd (1757), 3rd editions (1780), 5th (1790), an ed. marked "by the Late Rev. W. Dodd" (1818) and by a new London pub (Sherwood, Neely, and Jones), an 1821 ed. pub'd not in London but in Lansingburgh as well; also a Dublin edition, reflecting expiring copyright:] Dublin: Printed for the Company of Booksellers, 1783. PR 2767 A1 1783 HRC HOA; [an 1878 London ed. contains picutres from the Boydell Gallery.]

The beauties of Sterne: including all his pathetic tales, and most distinguished observations on life. Selected for the hear to sensibility. London: T. Davies, [etc.], 1782. Dedicatory epistle and preface signed W.H. Am St45Bh 1782 Stark Lib'y

The beauties of Sterne; including many of his letters and sermons, all his pathetic tales, humorous descriptions, and most distinguished observations on life. London: C. and G. Kearsley [179-] Am St45Bf 179- Stark Lib'y. Also a 1799 edition Am St45Bf 1799 Stark Lib'y. Another ed.: London, J. Sharpe, 1810. PR 3712 S5 HRC TRE

Beauties of Sturm [Christoph Christian, 1740-1786]: in lessons on the works of God, and of His providence. / Rendered familair to the capacities of youth, by Eliza Andrews. Dublin: Prtd for William Watson and Son, . . . 1799. a translation.

The beauties of Swift: or, the favourite offspring of wit and genius. Dublin: Prtd. for Walker, Wilson, Burton, Cash, and J. Byrn., 1783.

The beauties of the Anti-jacobin. Gifford, William, ed.; containing every article of permanent utility in that valuable and highly esteemed paper, literary and political; the whole of the excellent poetry . . . by the editor. London: 1799. AP 4 A653 HRC TRE [another copy]

The beauties of the border: descriptive of its scenery, prospects, agricultural improvements, &c. &c. Interspersed with select pieces of poetry, border anecdotes, &c. and embellished with elegant engravings. By W.[illiam] Scott. [where not given on card]: Carlisle, Thurnam, 1821; DA 625 S39 HRC HOA

The beauties of the Bosphorus; by Miss Pardoe. . . London, 1838

Beauties of the Botanic Garden. Written by Dr. Darwin [Erasmus]. New York: 1805. extracts from the author's "The botanic garden; a poem, in two parts"

The beauties of the British Senate: taken from the debates of the Lords and Commons, from the beginning fo the administrationof Sir Robert Walpole, to the end of the second session of the administration of the Right Hon. William Pitt: being an impartial selection of, or faithful extracts from, the most eminent speeches . . . with the names of the members to whom they are ascribed, annexed thereto.: To which is prefixed, the life of Sir Robert Walpole. London: Prtd. for John Stockdale, 1786. PN 6122 B439 1786 HRC HOA

The beauties of the court of Charles the Second by Mrs. Anna Jameson London 1833. [This is where I stopped]