Bijou, 1828

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The Bijou Annual, 1828

Index of Authors     

Index of Authors

Algalabra, Don Juan The Night Before the Battle of Montiel /

Anonymous (see also "Unknown"), Author of "Stray Leaves," The Purple Evening /

Anonymous (see also "Unknown"), "A Tyro," An Address to the Lost Wig of John Bell, Esquire /

B., H. ["H.B."] Haddon Hall /

Bird, John, Esq. Canzonet /

Bowles, Rev. William Lisle (1762-1850) On His Majesty's Return to Windsor Castle /

Brydges, Sir Egerton. Sonnets /

Carrington, N.T. The Hellweathers /

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor (1772-1834) A Day Dream / The Two Founts / The Wanderings of Cain / Work Without Hope&colon Lines Composed on a Day in February / Youth and Age /

Cornwall, Barry (1787-1874) [pseud. for Bryan Procter] Beau Leverton / A Familiar Epistle to Sir Thomas Lawrence / To My Child /

Croft, Sir Thomas E. The Rose /

Cunningham, Allan (1784-1842) The Poet Warrior /

Delta (see also Moir, David Macbeth) Our Native Land /

Fraser, William Humble Love / On a Little Girl / Preface /

Gleig, George Robert (1796-1888) "Anonymous, Author of 'The Subaltern,'" Marie's Grave /

Hemans, Felicia Dorothea Browne (1793-1835) The Child and Flowers /

Hervey, Thomas Kibble (1799-1859) Anacreontic / Song /

Hogg, James (1770-1835) An Aged Widow's Own Words / Ane Waefu' Scots Pastoral /

Hood, Thomas (1799-1845) A Lament for the Decline of Chivalry /

Jameson, Anna (Mrs.) (1794-1860), "Anonymous, Writer of the 'Diary of an Ennuyée.'" Halloran the Pedlar: An Irish Story /

Lamb, Caroline (1775-1834) To a Friend /

Lamb, Charles (1775-1834) Lines Written in the Vail of Zoar / Verses for an Album /

Landon, Letitia Elizabeth (1802-1838) The City of the Dead / Sans Souci /

Leeds, W.H. From S.P. Wolff /

Lockhart, John Gibson (1794-1854) Ballad from the Norman French /

Mitford, Mary Russell (1787-1855) Jessy of Kibe's Farm / The Lover's Invocation /

Moir, David Macbeth ["Delta"] Our Native Land /

Montgomery, James (1771-1854) A Smile, On A Lady's Portraits /

Neele, Henry (1798-1828) Mount Carmel /

Pickersgill, Mrs. The Oriental Love-Letter /

Richardson, D.L. Morning /

Roberts, Emma. The Suitors Rejected /

Scott, Walter (1771-1832) Letter from Sir Walter Scott, Bart /

Smith, Horace (1770-1849) Essex and the Maid of Honour / Inscription for a Grotto /

Southey, Robert (1774-1843) Imitation from the Persian / Scotland /

"Unknown" (see also Anonymous) The Epistle of Servius to Marcus Tullius Cicero / The Epistle of Marcus Tullius Cicero to Servius Sulpicius / The Infant Shakespeare / From the Italian / The Ritter Von Reichenstein / Sketch from Life: A Sentimental Story /

White, Joseph Blanco. Night and Death: A Sonnet /

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