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Bibliography: Books by L.E.L.

This list (from the Romantic Circles web site) is limited to works published initially as separate volumes.

"The Fate of Adelaide: A Swiss Romantic Tale"; and Other Poems. London: John Warren, 1821.

"The Improvisatrice" and Other Poems. London: Hurst, Robinson; Edinburgh: Constable, 1824.

"The Troubadour," Catalogue of Pictures, and Historical Sketches. London: Hurst, Robinson; Edinburgh: Constable, 1825.

"The Golden Violet, With Its Tales of Romance and Chivalry"; and Other Poems. London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, 1827.

"The Venetian Bracelet," "The Lost Pleiad," "A History of the Lyre," and Other Poems. London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, 1829.

Romance and Reality. 3 vols. London: H. Colburn and R. Bentley, 1831. [A novel.]

The Easter Gift: A Religious Offering. London: Fisher, 1832.

Fisher's Drawing Room Scrap-Book. London and Paris : Fisher, Son, & Co., 1832-38 [according to Renalds] or 1832-39 [according to Stephenson, Letitia Landon.]

Heath's Book of Beauty ... : With Nineteen Beautifully Finished Engravings From Drawings by the First Artists . London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longman, 1833.

Francesca Carrara. 3 vols. London: Richard Bentley, 1834. [A novel.]

"The Vow of the Peacock" and Other Poems. (London: Saunders and Otley, 1835. [Rpt. in a facsimile edition with intro. by F. J. Sypher (Delmar, N.Y.: Scholars' Facsimiles & Reprints, 1997).]

The Miscellaneous Poetical Works of L.E.L., Author of "The Improvisatrice," "The Golden Violet," &c. London : Saunders and Otley, 1835.

Traits and Trials of Early Life. London: H. Colburn, 1836. [Stories for children.]

Ethel Churchill, or The Two Brides. London: H. Colburn, 1837.

Flowers of Loveliness: Thirty-six Groups of Female Figures, Emblematic of Flowers, Beautifully Coloured. London : Ackermann, 1837. [This short book (containing only 47pp.) includes thirty-six leaves of color plates and thirty poems by L.E.L.]

The Pictorial Album; or, Cabinet of Painting, for the Year 1837. Containing eleven designs, executed in oil colours . . . from the original pictures, with illustrations in verse and prose. London: Chapman and Hall, 1837. [The paintings reproduced in this volume are by George Baxter; the illustrations in prose are by James Ollier, and the illustrations in verse are by L.E.L.]

"The Zenana" and Minor Poems of L.E.L. London: Fisher, 1839.

Laman Blanchard, Life and Literary Remains of L.E.L., 2 vols. London: Colburn, 1841. [Includes in volume 2 a tragedy by L.E.L. entitled Castruccio Castrucani; or, The Triumph of Lucca; 16pp. of poetry entitled "The Female Picture Gallery"; 41pp. of poetry entitled "Subjects for Pictures"; 20pp. of "Miscellaneous Poems"; 42pp. of "Fragments"; and and 12pp. of "Fugitive Poems."]

Lady Anne Granard, or, Keeping Up Appearances. 3 vols. London: H. Colburn, 1842 . [In Letitia Landon (202), Stephenson reports that Landon wrote only part of this novel.]

Critical Writings. Ed. F. J. Sypher Delmar, N.Y.: Scholars' Facsimiles, 1996. [Reprints reviews and arcticles by L.E.L.].


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I have not been able to locate a complete, on line, lisiting of all of the poems by L.E.L. There are about 400, I believe. There is a complete listing in a book titled, Letitita Elizabeth Landon: Selected Writings, edited by Jerome McGann and Daniel Riess.









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