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Welcome to "Forget Me Not: A Hypertextual Archive of Ackermann's 19th-Century Literary Annual." I have reproduced, re-represented, linked, amassed and essentially "archived" elements from the 1823-1830 volumes of the earliest British-published literary annual, Forget Me Not, published by Rudolf Ackermann 1823-1847.

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Caveat: Though the transcripts included in this archive have been reviewed for accuracy, human error may have allowed typographical mistakes to creep in. Scholars are strongly encouraged to consult the original text. The locations of literary annuals can be discovered through the library database, WorldCat or OCLC. You may also consult this archive's Bibliography for references.


Navigating the Archive

The navigation of this hypertextual archive is through the table of contents on the left side of your screen. This is a frames-dependent website which means that the left screen will remain no matter where you go.  The right frame will change with each selection.  The following are descriptions and instructions for the main pages.

General navigation: click on any hyperlinked title in the Index (left column) to view those contents on the right side of your screen. To return to previous pages within the right frame, use your browser’s "Back" button on the menu bar. Return to the main opening page at any time by clicking on Main Entrance at the top of the left frame (under Table of Contents).

INTRODUCTION: introduces the primary facets of the Archive.  

HISTORIES & RATIONALE: discusses the scope of this hypertext project, its larger implications, the significance of literary annuals and the textual implications of a digital "archive." Either click on the main title or click on a particular section.  

GENRE'S CONTEXT: contains several indexes.  All of the indexes in this category amass information from literary annuals as a publishing phenomenon. This section contextualizes the far-reaching scope of the genre and the extensive number of "literati" who were involved in the genre's rise (and fall).     

Chronology of Titles: shows the rise and fall of the literary annuals’ popularity, as can be seen with the numbers of literary annuals produced in selected years.

Editors and Publishers: lists literary annual titles, publishers, editors and sizes published through 1830, with some of the more popular titles included beyond the 1830 boundary. 

Prominent Contributors: lists prominent ("canonical" -- for lack of a better word) Romantic and Victorian era authors who published in annuals other than the FMNs 1823-1830.  

Periodical Reviews: gives a sampling of the critical reviews from contemporary journals during the early popularity of the genre.

General Reflections: provides a sampling of articles, publisher's comments and biographical reviews that will contextualize the reception of the annuals.

FMN CONTENTS: contains indexes which amass data from all volumes included in this archive.  These indexes are for purposes of comparison among titles, authors, engravers and engravings throughout the twenty-four volumes of the Forget Me Not.

FMN Contributors: shows a general list of authors whose works were published in the Forget Me Not volumes of 1823, 1824, 1825, 1826, 1827,
1828, 1829 and 1830. Each author’s last name provides a hyperlink to his/her Contributions to British literary annuals.

Poem Titles: lists all poem titles from the 1823-1830 volumes.  Each entry is linked to the specific volume and the author's contributions. (Individual poems to be included at a later date.) 

FMN Prose Titles
: lists all prose titles (including dramatic scenes) from the 1823-1830 volumes. Each entry is linked to the specific volume and the author's contributions.  (Individual prose pieces to be included at a later date.) 

FMN Engravers
: is an index of engravers whose work is included in the Forget Me Not volumes 1823-1830. Each engraver's name is accompanied by the title of the engraving, the original artist and the FMN location.  Each engraving title is linked to its image, and each FMN year is linked to that volume's main page. 

FMN Engraving Titles: is an index of engraving titles that are included in the Forget Me Not volumes 1823-1830. Each title is accompanied by the engraver, the original artist and the FMN location.  Each engraving title is linked to its image, and each FMN year is linked to that volume's main page. 

FMN Artists: is an index of artists whose work has been converted to engravings for the Forget Me Not volumes 1823-1830. Each artist's name is accompanied by the title of the engraving, the engraver and the FMN location.  Each engraving title is linked to its image, and each FMN year is linked to that volume's main page. 

FMN FACSIMILES: contains indexes of individual volumes of the Forget Me Not.  See below.

Facsimiles: display digital scans of relevant elements from a particular volume.  The facsimiles are presented as thumbnails which are linked to a larger image.  Click on the thumbnail to access the larger image.  All images were originally scanned at 400dpi and saved as a .tif file.  Using a graphics program, the images were converted to a more manageable file size (usually below 100K) for downloading over a 56K modem.  Unfortunately, details are sacrificed when scaling down images.  (The finer lines on the engravings are not visible and the quality of the Table of Contents or List of Engravings is compromised, however readable.)  The higher quality images (and larger files) have been saved and archived in an archive accessible only by me. If you need to view these larger images, please feel free to email me. 

Transcripts: display a word-processed version of the graphic with hyperlinks to relevant pages within the archive.  To view transcripts, click on the button from that volume's main page.  In the Transcript of each volume’s Table of Contents, every author’s name is linked to an Index of all known contributions he/she made to British literary annuals. (On this Index of FMN Contributors page, the annuals are listed under each author in chronological order of first publication.)

Bibl. Descriptions: details the physical properties of each Forget Me Not contained within this archive.

Vols. 1823-1847:  links to a page of all the volumes included in this archive.  Each volume is represented by its boards (as a thumbnail image) and a rollover effect of the frontispiece and title page.  Click the thumbnail to get into the transcripts and contents of each volume.

Separate Vols.: links to a graphical display of thumbnail images of each volume’s boards, title page, table of contents, engravings, list of plates and preface as a thumbnail. Click on the year to access a particular volume.  Volume years appearing in maroon reside in the archive; volumes years appearing in dark gray will be added after the completion of my dissertation project or as necessary (or requested by users).

Once inside the Facsimile page for an individual volume, simply click on each thumbnail graphic to view a larger, detailed graphic image.  The engravings are linked from both the transcript of the Table of Contents and the transcript of the List of Plates.  For comparison purposes, the engravings in each volume can be viewed as a single page (as thumbnails) by clicking on the button, "Engravings," on the main page for each volume.

GENERAL INFORMATION: supplies information about the construction of the website and the sources used in constructing the indexes as well as within the Rationale and History. 

Site Index: presents a clear table of the main hyperlinks within the site. The site index dispenses with frames and allows users to navigate to individual pages without the Table of Contents frame on the left side of the screen.  

: are listed as additions and upgrades are completed. Updates will be recorded monthly.  

: includes works referenced in the "Introduction,"  "Histories &  Rationale" and throughout the website.  Also included are other online projects mentioning or pertaining to literary annuals.

Editor, Contributors & Staff: provides information on the editor, contributors and staff.

Acknowledgements, Copyright & Citation: provides a list of supporters and resources.


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