The very extensive demand for the first volume of this Miscellany has not only convinced the Publisher of the accuracy of the views which induced him to bring it forward, but also stimulated him to increased exertions to render the work, in its progress, more worthy of the public patronage, and more suitable to the particular object of its destination. How far he has succeeded in these efforts, it would ill become him to decide; but he trusts, that a comparison of the present with the preceding volume, will show that he was not too sanguine in the anticipation of future improvements, which he there ventured to express.

The graphic illustrations for this year, twelve in number, designed and engraved by some of our first artists, aspire by their execution to the highest character to which works of that kind can lay claim; while

iv                                                      ADVERTISEMENT.

the variety and novelty which have been studied in the literary department, will, it is presumed, confer superior interest and stronger recommendations to the favour of every class of readers.

To those obliging contributors, in particular, who have avowed there respective productions, as also to those whose names the Publisher is not permitted to mention, he takes this opportunity of presenting his most grateful acknowledgments for their kind assistance; and he confidently trusts, that, as the plan of the FORGET ME NOT becomes better known, many more of our eminent and popular writers will be induced to lend the powerful aid of their talents and influence to his strenuous endeavours to furnish, according to his original proposal, an elegant annual token of remembrance, friendship, and affection.


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