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Note: Click on author’s names to see their contributions to various literary annuals. Authors in brackets were published anonymously and later identified by Andrew Boyle in An Index to the Annuals 1820-1850.  Titles without an author were anonymous contributions or have not yet been identified.

on Engraving to view the plate that accompanied a piece of prose or poetry. Click on titles to view poetry, engravings or tables/charts.


[Preface] [iii]
The Heart’s Motto– "Forget me not." By Bernard Barton 1
The Evening Walk [By Flora] 4
Ellen; a Fragment  [By L.E.L[Engraving] 11
The Last Funereal Rites at St. Columba [By B.G.] [Engraving A; Engraving B] 15
Lines on the Mausoleum of the Princess Charlotte at Claremont  [By L.E.L]  [Engraving] 36
Mimili. By H. Clauren  [Engraving A; Engraving B] 38
A Poet’s Study. By Bernard Barton [Engraving] 104
The Ring; a True Narrative. From the Russian 107
The Punishment of Curiosity  126
On the Portrait of a Lady, by Sir Thomas Lawrence [By Bernard Barton] 133
Stanzas. By Bernard Barton 135
South American Adventurers [By B.G.] 137
Lines written on the Print of the Hon. Mrs. Duff, engraved by Agar, from a Painting by Cosway [Signed B.B.; aka Bernard Barton] 164
History of an Extraordinary Imposter 166
Bishop Hubert. By Bernard Barton [Engraving] 176
Night. By James Montgomery 179
The Test of Love. By Augustus von Kotzebue  [Engraving] 182
The Rival Flowers. From the French [Signed L.J.; aka Laetitia Jermyn] 196
Beninboo and Dabuma; an African Tale [By J. M. Lacey] 198
The Heroine of Padua [By B.G.] 214






The Morning of New Year’s Day in Paris  220
The Grey Palmer; a Legend of Yorkshire  232
Origin of Twelfth Cakes 238
The Cemetery of Père la Chaise, at Paris  240
Stanzas on a Sprig of Mignonette, gathered in Winter. By Bernard Barton 247
Ferdinand Franck; an Auto-Biographical Sketch (Continued from vol. i.) 249
[To] The Rose. From the Spanish of Don Francisco de Rioja. By J. H. Wiffen 309
The Shawl  311
The Gothic Temple at Claremont [Engraving] 314
Pernicious Effects of Fortune-Telling 319
Regent Street – View of the Quadrant. By J.B. Papworth  [Engraving] 330
The Philosophic Mouse; a Fable. By Augustus von Kotzebue 334
The Triumph of Magnanimity 336
The Sea-shore [By Philo] 344
Dorcasine Zinnopel Marionette Fatima, Sultana of the Grand Signor, Achmet the Fourth [By B.G.] 346
Stanzas. By Henry Neele 362
Elizabeth [By Flora] 364
On the Institution of Posts in general, and of the Post-Office of Great Britain in particular [Chart] 374

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