PREFACE [1826].


In presenting to the public this our fourth annual tribute, we are not aware of the necessity of much preliminary remark. Any praises of ours would not enhance the merits of the literary compositions which it contains; while the names attached to most of them render such commendations wholly superfluous.

We cannot, however, but congratulate our readers on the success of our efforts to engage the co-operation of writers of eminence and talent in the task which we have undertaken: nor could we, without exposing ourselves to the charge of ingratitude, neglect thus publicly to express our deep obligations to all and each of our kind Contributors, for the valuable assistance which have afforded to our exer-

ii                                                            PREFACE.

tions to deserve a patronage flattering be-yond our most sanguine anticipations.

In our last volume we had occasion to apologise for the absence of the conclusion of the Memoir of Ferdinand Franck, in consequence of the destruction of the manuscript. We intimated, at the same time, the probability of being furnished with another copy of it for the present year by the author; but, possessing nothing more than a few general notes from which to work up his subject a second time, he found that when finished, this last portion had extended to a length which rendered it impossible to insert the whole in a single volume, without sacrificing that variety which is deemed essential to the interest of our annual offering. Equally unwilling to disappoint the curiosity and fatigue the patience of the reader by a further division of that article, the Publisher has printed it in a separate form, as the best means of accommodating both those who possess the

PREFACE.                                                            iii

early, and those who have only the later volumes of the "FORGET-ME-NOT."

The graphic embellishments, fourteen in number executed in the highest style of the art, will speak for themselves, and sufficiently attest the solicitude of the Publisher to produce in this work a bijou in every respect worthy of the endearing purpose for which it is designed.

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