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A Collection of the Most Esteemed Pieces of Poetry, That have appeared for several Years.

With Variety of Originals, By the Late Moses Mendez, Esq., and other Contributors to Dodsley's Collection. To Which this is intended as a Supplement.

[Edited by Richardson and Urquhart]

London: Printed for Richardson and Urquhart, MDCCLXVII.

[No Index; instead, a table of contents. Very rare content notes; no notes at all about authors or even explaining where things extracted from]


The Editor's chief intention in making the following Collection was to bring into one point of view the best pieces which have appeared since the conclusion of Dodsley's collection; and he will venture to affirm, that whatever be the merit of that entertaining miscellany, this does not fall short any ways of it, as some of the volumes in that are made up from the publications of a few years; whereas this contains whatever has been most applauded in a course of twenty. But he has not confined himself to that period only, but inserted many pieces, in his opinion, of great merit, which the inattention of the public, or the obscurity of the publication, had long suffered to remain unnoticed. To these are added many originals by writers of acknowledged merit; among which those of Mr. Mendez, author of the Chaplet, and several admired poems in Dodsley's Miscellany, make no mean figure. Mr. Mendez was reckoned among the most agreeable poets of his time, and, perhaps he was the only one that was ever worth one hundred thousand pounds.


An Elegy on the Death of a Lady. By W. Mason, M.A. 1

Oriental Eclogues. By Mr. William Collins 7

Eclogue I. Selim, or the Shepherd's Moral ibid.

An Ode to Fear. By the same. 21

The Passions. An Ode to Music. By the same 21

Every Man the Architect of his own Fortune. A

Satire. By Mr. Scott of Trinity-college Cambridge 29

To Pleasure. An Ode. By the same 42

Albin and the Daughter of Mey. By the late Mr.

Jerom Stone 47

Edwin and Angelina. A Ballad. By Dr. Goldsmith 55

The Cit's Country-Box, 1757. By Robert Lloyd, M. A. 62

The Actor. By the same 67

William and Margaret. By David Mallet, Esq; 77

A Fragment. By the same 81

Zephir; or the Stratagem. By the same 84

Edwin and Emma. By the same 92

A Prayer for Indifference. By Mrs. Greville 96

Ode on the Duke of York's second Departure from

England. By the Author of the Shipwreck 99

To Sickness. An Elegy. By Mr. Delap 107

Verses to the People of England, 1758. By W. White-

Head, Esq; Poet-Laureat 110

To William Shenstone, Esq; the Production of half

an Hour's Leisure [no auth] 115

A Song. Written to a Lady [no auth] 117

To a Lady before Marriage. By the late Mr. Tickel.

Not published in his Works 118

Prologue upon Prologues. Written by Mr. Garrick 121

Mr. Foote's Address to the Public, after a Prosecu-

tion against him for a Libel 123

Extract from Mr. Whitehead's Charge to the Poets 125

The Elm and the Vine. A Fable [no auth] 129

Prologue to the Englishman at Bourdeaux [no auth] 131

Epiplogue [no auth] 132

An Ode on St. Caecilia's Day. By B. Thornton, Esq; 134

Advice to the Marquis of Rockingham. By an old Courtier 139

La Liberta. Translated from Metastasio 140

Bryan and Pereene. A West-Indian Ballad [no auth] 144

The Passionate Shepherd to his Love. An old

Ballad. [no auth] 147

My Mind to me a Kingdom is. An old Ballad [no auth] 148

Cupid's Pastime. An old Sonnet [no auth] 150

Winifreda 153

Admiral Hosier's Ghost. By Mr. Glover, Author of

Leonidas 154

The Shepherd's Resolution. An old Ballad. By

George Wither 158

The Stedfast Shepherd. By the same 159

Autumn. By Mr. Brerewood 162

The Pin. By Mr. Woty 165

A Present to a young lady with a Pair of Stockings [no auth] 167

A Dialogue between a Poet and his Servant. By the

late Mr. Christopher Pitt 170

A Parody on the City and Country Mouse [no auth] 175

The Recantation. An Ode [no auth] 177

Verses written on a Pedestal, &c. [no auth] 180

Song [no auth] 183

The Lady and the Linnet. A Tale [no auth] 184

The Genius of Briatin. An Iambic Ode [no auth] 191

Hope. A Pastoral Ballad [no auth] 195

Ode to Sensibility [no auth] 196

Thanks to thee, Nymph, whose powerful hand
From dulness set me free,
Thy praises I'll for ever sing,
Sweet Sensibility.
Thy touch, so gentle and benign,
Revives the torpid heart,
Thou pleasure canst from pain refine,
To joys new joy impart.
By thee the gaudy rainbow shows
More beauteous to the eye,
By thee more sweetly smells the rose,
And boasts a brighter dye.
By thee I tast the luscious sweets,
Of Cloe's nectar'd kiss,
By thee I laugh, or cheerful sing,
And seize each transient bliss.
When Cloe tunes her liquid voice,
Or tries soft music's art,
By thee the sounds melodious pierce,
Like lightning, to the heart.
By thee the poet's charming lays
Our various passions move,
Now fire the soul with rage, or melt
To pity, or to love.
By thee the poet's charming lays
Our various passions move,
By thee he shares the feast of wit,
Or wit himself indites.
With thee we taste the joys of wine,
Of friendship, and of love,
When thou art gone we lonely pine,
Or melancholic rove.

Petrarch and Laura. An Epigrammatic Tale [no auth] 198

To Winter. By Mr. Woty 199

An Epistle of Mr. de Voltaire. From the French 202

The Winter's Walk. By Samuel Johnston [sic.], L. L. D. 208

Epitaph on Claudius Phillips. By the same 209

The Poor Man's Prayer [no auth] ibid. [these "ibids" appear in the page number column, and mean nothing more than "same page."]

An Epitaph, written by Mr. Smith, on his Wife 214

Verse to Mr. Dodsley. By Richard Berringer, Esq; 215

Mr. Dodsley's Answer 216

The Wish [no auth] 217

*A Song. By Dr. Delany. His Name, by Mistake is not put down at the Head of the Poem 219(1)

On Mr. Walpole's House at Strawberry-Hill. By Miss M. 223

To the Authoress of some Lines on Strawberry-Hill.

By the Hon. Horace Walpole 225

To Apollo making Love. From Mons. Fontenelle.

By Thomas Tickell, Esq; 226

The Thirteenth Book of Virgil. Written by Maphoeus Vejius. Translated by Moses Mendez, Esq; 227

The Author's Account of his Journey to Ireland. By the same 257

The Answer. By Mr. Ellis 264

To Mr. S. Tucker. By Mr. Mendez 267

The Winter-Solstice. By Dr. Akenside 274

The Poet and his Patron. By Mr. Moore 278

The Wolfe, Sheep, and Lamb [no auth] 281

The Tears of Scotland. Written in 1746 [no auth] 285

Caesar's Dream before his Invasion of Britain. By

Mr. Langhorne 288

The Eagle and Robin Red-Breast. By Mr. Archibald Scott 291

Isis. An Elegy. By Mr. Mason 294

The Nun. An Elegy [no auth] 299

The Gift: To Iris. By Dr. Goldsmith 305

The Rookery [no auth] 306

A Receipt to make L'Eau de Vie. By the Late

Mr. Charles King 308

Day. A Pastoral. By Mr. Cunningham 310

Content. A Pastoral. By the same 316

Corydon. A Pastoral. By the same 317

Melody. By the same 319


(1)["*" signals a footnote given at the end of the index:]*** Notwithstanding the Care of the Editor, the Song of Winifrida (inserted in Dodsley's Collection) has crept in here; but as it takes up only a single Page, it was thought unnecessary to cancel it. [This must mean that they have tried not to include any of the poetry already published in Dodsley's collections.]


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