[Half-title:] J. Nichols's Select Collection of Poems. Volume IV.

A Select Collection of Poems:

with Notes, Biographical and Historical. The Fourth Volume.

London: Printed by and for J. Nichols, . . . MDCCLXXX

[Volume 4 title and half-title pages are the same as the previous three. Picture is of Richard Steele; inscription in English reads,] Improving Youth, and Hoary Age, are Better'd by thy Matchless Page!


The Procession: on the Funeral of Queen Mary. By Mr. Steele. 1695 Page 1

Horace, Book I. Ode VI. applied to the Duke of Marlborough. BTS. 13

To Mr. Congreve. BTS. 13

Epigram form Martial. BTS. 18

Prologue to Lucius. BTS. 19

To Captain Steele, on his Poetry. By Mr. Bishop. 20

Mr. Bishop to his Mistress. 21

To a Lady, who in the late Storm just left her Chamber before a Chimney fell on the Bed where she lay. BTS. 22

On an ensuing Storm. BTS. 23

On reading an Apology for Self-murder. BTS. ib.

Song. BTS. 25

The Cure. BTS. ibid

On Cloe's Patches. BTS. 27

On her Mask. BTS. 28

Ode to St. Cecilia. BTS. ibid.

To the Duke of Marlborough. Anonymous. [first time I've seen this printed in index.]

Horace, Book I. Ode IX. Imitated by Mr. Fenton. 22

Catullus, Epig. V. Translated. BTS. 36

Claudian's Old Man of Verona. BTS. 37

Martial, Lib. X. Epig. XLVII. BTS. 38

Horace, Book III. Ode III. BTS. 39

The Rose. BTC. 42

Epigram, out of Martial. BTS. ibid.

Ode by the same [even though new index p.]. In Imitation of Horace. 43

To the Hon. Charles Montague. By Mr. Prior. 46

Apology to a Lady, who told me, I could not love her heartily, because I had loved others. Probably by the same. 47

Against Modesty in Love. BTS. 48

On a young Lady's going to Town in the Spring. BTS. 49

When the Cat's away, the Mice may play; a Fable inscribed to Dr. Swift. Probably by the same. 50

The Widow and her Cat. A F able. [no auth.] 53

The Wreck. A Satire. By Mr. James Gardiner. 55

Ode. By Mr. Smith 62 [no first name is given for this Smith, but Johnson's Life of him is mentioned.]

Ode in Praise of Music. Composed by Mr. Charles King, in Five Parts, for the degree of Batchelor of Music, performed at the Theatre in Oxford on Friday the 11th of July 1707. Possibly written by Mr. Smith. 64

Love's Conquest. By Mr. Jackson. 66

The Contrary Agreements. BTS. 67

Under a Lady's Picture. BTS. 68

Essay on the First Principle of Des Cartes, "I think, therefore I am." BTS. ibid.

Song. By Col. Henningham. 70

The Indifferent. A Song. By Charles Earl of Orrery. ib.

Song, from Anacreon, by Mr. Boyle*. 72 [iv.72:]

* To which of this illustrious family we owe this Song, is not very clear. It was written about the year 1708; and is possibly by Henry Boyle, afterwards lord Carleton. N.

Ode on the Spring. From Steele's Collection. 73

To Belinda--To Flavia--On Nicolini's leaving the Stage. From the same. 74 [These are three poems on the same page. The first one, like most of the other poems following it, says, "Anonymous" as well as "From Steele's Collection"; the second two just say FTS (="From the same"). There is a note with "To Belinda":] Anonymous*; . . .

* Some of these poems, as I have already mentioned, I believe to be Mr. Steele's. N. [iv.74]

Imitation of a French Author. From the same. 75

A Sigh. From the same. 76

A Soliloquy out of Italian. From Steele's Collection [rpt. bec. new p. of index] 76

Anacreon, Ode XLV. From the same. 77

Anacreon, Ode XXX. From the same. 78

Mary Queen of France, to Charles Brandon Duke of Suffolk. From the same.

The Story of Cippus. By the same Writer. 84

The Lover's Prayer. From Steele's Collection. 86

Woman. From the same. 87

Verses sent to a Lady, with the Tragedy of Cato. From the same. 88

The Spring. From the same. 89

From Sannazarius. From the same. 91

To a Painter, on his drawing a Lady's Picture. FTS. 92

Song. FTS. ibid.

Bion Imitated. FTS. 93

To Aristus, in Imitation of a Sonnet of Milton, FTS. 94

Prologue at the Opening of the Theatre Royal the Day after his Majesty's Public Engry. FTS. 96

Ode on his Majesty' Return. FTS. 97

Prologue, written by several Hands, designed for Mr. D'Urfey's last Play. [no place] 96

Love's Relief. From Steele's Collection. 100

St. Julian's Prayer. Imitated from La Fontaine. FTS. 101

On a Beautiful Lady with Cataracts in both Eyes. By a Gentleman who has an Impediment in his Speech. FTS. 111

Song. FTS. 112

To a Jealous Mistress. From Steele's Collection. [This justified, unlike the one above it, bec new p. of index.] 113

In Amorem Tami et Isidis. [no auth or place] 114

Thames and Isis, in Imitation of the preceeding Poem. 1708. [no auth or place] 115

Martial, Lib. X Ep. XLVII. Imitated. By the same Writer. ibid.

Song. By the same Writer. 116

To an Old Bed-Maker, who had scandalized me. Imitated from Buchanan. [no auth. or place] ibid.

Hymn to Venus, from the Greek of Sappho. From Steele's Collection. 117

To Mr. A. Philips, on his Distrest Mother. 118

Epistle to D---. 119

Solomon's Song, Chap. IV. From Steele's Collection. 120

Written in a Lady's Prayer Book. From the same. 123

To Mr. Addison, on his Cato. FTS. ibid.

Of some Snow that melted on a Lady's Breast. [no place or auth.] 124

On the happy Disappointment of the French Invasion, in Favour of the pretended Prince of Wales, 1707. FTS. ibid.

On a Tobacco-Box. FTS. 126

Song. FTS. 127

Verses by Mr. Eusden, on a Lady who is the most beautiful and witty when she is angry. 128

To Charles Lord Halifax, occasioned by translating into Latin two Poems by his Lordship and Mr. Stepney. BTS. 131

Written by Mr. Eusden, and spoken at a Cambridge Commencement. 134

Claudian's Court of Venus. BTS. 143

Pluto's Speech to Prosperine. From Claudian. By Mr. Eusden. [rpt. bec. new p. of index] 148

To Mr. ---. BTS. 150

On a Dispute with a Gentleman about the Excellence of some of Mr. Dryden's Writings, when a Lady, being asked her opinion, blamed them. BTS. 151

To the Author of the Tatler. BTS. 152

Mr. Eusden to a Lady, who wept at hearing Cato read. 155

Verses by Mr. Eusden, on the Spectator's Critique on Milton. 157

Imitations of Statius. BTS. 158

On the Death of Cowley, and his Burial in Westminster abbey. By Roger Earl of Orrery. 163

Description of the Tombs in Westminster Abbey. 167

From J. S. Esq; to C. S. Horace, Book I. Ep. X. 177

Epigram on Waller. 179

Mr. Harrison to Mrs. M. M. With a Bough of an Orange-tree. 180

In praise of Laudanum. By Mr. Harrison. 181

To a very young Lady. BTS. 182

On the Death of a Lady's Cat. BTS. ibid.

The Passion of Sappho. BTS. 183

Prologue. By Mr. Joseph Haines. 186

Epilogue. By the same. 189

Prologue at Oxford. [no auth.] 191

Verses to a Lady, on drawing me for her Valentine. [no auth.] 192

Epigram. [no auth.] 193

On the Death of a Lady. [no auth.] 194

Paraphrase on Psalm CXXXVII. [no auth.] 195

The Choice. On Reading a Line in Pomfret. [no auth.] 196

Æsop at Court; or, Select Fables. By Dr. Yalden.

Æsop to the King. 198

[all of the fables and page numbers of each are listed. To save my sanity, I am omitting them; there are 16 of them, and they go to p. 225.]

[iv.198] Æsop At Court. Or, Select Fables. 1702. By Dr. Yalden*.

*This little collection of Fables is one of the articles which are enumerated as wanting in vol. III. p. 167 [see note under Yalden above] and which have been since accidentally recovered. I have already observed that Dr. Johnson's "Life of Yalden" renders it unnecessary for me to enter on that subject. It may not, however, be improper to transcribe a few lines from Wood, Ath. II. 1022, which differ from Jacob, on whose authority the new Life seems in some measure to have been founded. [iv.198 / 199] The variations are of no material consequence, but, as Wood is more particular than Jacob, may perhaps be considered as a curiosity: "Thomas Youlding, a younger son of Joh. Yould. sometimes a page of the presence and groom of the chamber to Prince Charles, afterwards a sufferer for his cause, and an exciseman in Oxon after the Restoration of King Charles II. was born in the parish of St. John Baptist in Oxon, on [2 Jan. 1669, etc. etc. Nichols ads his degrees.]

To Dr. Bentley, on opening Trinity College Chapel. By Mr. Eusden. 226

On the Duke of Marlborough's Victory at Audenard. BTS. 229

Medea, Act IV. last Chorus. BTS. 232

Hero and Leander. BTS. 234

The Courtier. A Fable. [no auth.] 249

A Chorus from Seneca. By Mr. John Glanvill. 251

Horace, Book I. Ode XIII. BTS. 253

Horace, Book I. Ode XXIII. BTS. 254

Horace, Book II. Ode XII. BTS. 255

Song. BTS. 257

A Short Visit. [no auth] 257

Enquiry after his Mistress. By Mr. Hor. Townshend. 258

The Praise of Pindar. From Horace, Book IV. Ode II. By Mr. Townshend [I don't know why name is repeated; page break was before "A Short Visit," just above.] 260

The Voyage. By Dr. Samuel Woodford. 261

On Mrs. E. Montague's blushing in the Cross Bath. By Mr. Flatman.(1) 272

Cerealia, by Mr. J. Philips; an Imitation of Milton. 274

Bachanalian Song. By Mr. Philips. 281

On a Lady's Picture. By Dr. Broome. 283

On the Birth-day of Mr. R. Trefusis. BTS. 287 [iv.287, note to Dr. Broome*.:]

* Though it cannot absolutely be said that this poem is not printed in Dr. Broome's Works: the two copies materially differ. The present one is apparently the original, and preserves the name and date; the other is enlarged and more highly polished. N.

To a Gentleman of Seventy, who married a Lady of Sixteen. BTS. 288

Epistle to Mr. B---. By Mr. F. Knapp. 289

Happiness of a Retired Life. By Mr. C. Dryden. 293

On the Toasts of the Hanover Club. By A. Philips. 296

Written at Hanover, upon the Marriage contracted, but not then consummated, between the Princess Sophia and the Prince Royal of Prussia. 298

Epigram on Mrs. Tofts. By Mr. Pope. 299

To Sir Godfrey Kneller. By Mr. Pope. 300 [I don't know why rpt.]

Verses to a Lady. By Mr. Hughes. With a Drawing of Cupid. 301

Ode to King William when in Ireland. By Dr. Swift. 303

Cantata. By Dr. Swift. 305

Epigram Extempore. By the same. 307

Fragments of a Rapsody on the Art of Preaching. By Mr. C. Pitt. 307 [sic.]

Mr. C. Pitt's Invitation to the Right Hon. Geo. Doddington. In allusion to Horace, B.I.Ep.V. 310

To Mr. C. Pitt, on his having a Fit of the Gout. 311

Verses by Mr. Pope to Mr. C. St. James's Place. 313

On the Church. From Dr. Z. Grey's MSS. ibid.

Verses by Lord Halifax. From the same. 314

Song, by the Earl of Dorset. ib.

To King James II. 1684-5. On the Death of King Charles II. By Mr. Stepney. [duplicate?] 315

On Queen Caroline's re-builbing [sic.] the Lodgings of the Black Prince an dHenry V. at Queen's College Oxford. By Mr. Tickell. 316

Song, by the Earl of Gainsborough. 318

Stanzas to Lady Sunderland at Tunbridge-Wells, 1712. By Dr. Watts. 319

Description of Fame; in Imitation of Virgil, Æn. IV. By Mr. Milbourne. 320

Almahide, an Ode. By Lord Bolingbroke. 321

Prologue to Altemira. BTS. 333

Prologue to Heroick Love. BTS. 334

Epilogue to Heroick Love. By Mr. B. Higgons. 335

To a Lady, more cruel than fair, By Sir J. Vanbrugh. 337

Dialogue, from The Relapse. BTS. 341

Song, from The Relapse. BTS. 342

Fable, from Banbugh's Comedy of Æsop. 344

Song, from The Provoked Wife. BTS. 345

Dr. Woodford to Set Bp. of Sarum. 246 [sic.]

Corrections and Additional Remarks. 247-356



"BTS" means "By the Same" author who wrote the preceding poem.

"FTS" means "From the Same" collection which is listed as the source of the preceding poem.

(1)[can't be the Elizabeth Montague, because this Flatman was born in 1623.]

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