[Vol. 5; No Half-title; picture of] Francis Atterbury, Bp. of Rochester, Died Feb. 17, 1731, 2. HAEC EGO LUSI--QUOS COLUI, PATRIAEQUE MEMOR.

A Select Collection of Poems:

with Notes, Biographical and Historical. The Fifth Volume.

London: Printed by and for J. Nichols, . . . MDCCLXXXII.


The Plan of this Collection having been already submitted to the reader, little remains but to apologise for delay, which, it is hoped, has produced improvement. The fifth and sixth volumes might have appeared in 1780; but it was thought more adviseable to wait till the work was entirely completed.

It cannot be but a pleasing satisfaction to the Editor to find that what he has laid before the publick has attracted the notice of many gentlemen, whose praise is real fame, and who have shewn their approbation by communications which in no small degree adorn the present volumes.

That biographical notes*[(1) have been acceptable, is evident from their having occasioned a new edition of Mr. Dodsley's Poems on a similar plan. [V.iii / iv]

Among the poems now exhibited are some valuable originals, and a number of academical verses by some of the most distinguished scholars of this kingdom.--If to these the Editor has added a few of his own juvenile attempts at versification, he hopes to stand excused for the presumption. They are not numerous, and will at least serve as a foil to the beauties with which they are surrounded.

A variety of avocations having prevented the Editor from attending to the Index, that laborious office has been kindly undertaken by Mr. Macbean, whose abilities in that line had been before exerted in Dr. Johnson's edition of the English Poets.

A short Index to the Notes preceded the former publication; another is here annexed.

March 9, 1782. J. Nichols.

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[I have run out of time and so cannot list titles. authors and page numbers follow:]

Bp. Atterbury 1

BTS. 3




To Cupid. By Lucy Lady Wharton. 10

The Lamentations of Jeremiah. By Mrs. Wharton. 11

Menalcas and Enosia, a Pastoral Dialogue. By the Duke of Wharton. 24

BTS 31

By Mr. Tickell, 1707 33

The Beau, a Dialogue [no auth] 49

By Dr. Pope 51

By Dr. Pope 69

BTS 70

By Mr. Stonestreet 73

BTS 80

Horace, Book II. Ode XVI. [no auth] 81

Written in St. Evremont's Essays, [no auth] 85

To Love, after Indifference. [no auth] 86

Six Pastorals, by Dr.Evans 87, 93, 97, 105, 119, 138.

By Mr. Barnaby 144

BTS 145

By Dr. Warmstrey. ibid.

By Mr. T. Bate 146

To Sleep [no auth] 149

On Queen Anne's Birth-day. 1706. [no auth] 150

Song, set by Mr. Dean 152

[3 Songs with no auth]

On Mr. Rowe's Fair Penitent.(2) [no auth] 154

Anacreon, Ode III. [no auth] 155

By Mr. Buckeredge. 158

BTS. 160

BTS 165

BTS 167

On the Toasting Glasses at the Kit-Cat Club, 1703. [no auth] 168

By Michael Drayton, Esq. 176

BTS 200

To a Lady, who asked, "What is Love?" [no auth] 208

By Mr. John Diaper 209

Sortes Virgilianae. King Charles the First's. [no auth] 256

The Lord Falkland's. 257

On a diminuitive Gentleman's courting a fine young Lady. ibid.

Hymn to Hymen, [no auth; in text it says, "From the Oxford and Cambridge Miscellany."] 258

By Mr. Birch. 259

Chloe perfuming herself. By Lord Lansdowne. 266

BTS 267

To Mira. BTS 268

BTS 269

To Mrs. Afra Behn. BTS ibid.

Cupid Disarmed. BTS 270

BTS 271

Her Name. BTS ibid.

BTS 272

BTS 273

BTS 274

BTS 275

On the Toasting Glasses of the Kit-Cat Club. BTS 276

The Court Beauties, a Conclusion to the Progress of Beauty. BTS 277

BTS (excerpted from his play Heroick Love) 280

Epitaph on a young Gentleman, who died for Love of a Married Lady [no auth] 281

The Celebrated Beauties, occasioned by the Author's being suspected of writing "The British Court." 282

By Sir George Etherege 297

By Mr. Shadwell 298

By Mr. Brady 302

By Mr. Parsons 307

Anonymous. 309 [often used in misc.?]

By Mr. Pope. 312

Epigram, ascribed to Mr. Pope. 317


"BTS" means "By the Same" author who wrote the preceding poem.

"FTS" means "From the Same" collection which is listed as the source of the preceding poem.

(1) [Nichols's note:] The extract in the former Advertisement, from a Dialogue of Prior, will be illustrated by the following quotation from a Writer as amiable as he is learned, and by whose kind hints the present Collection has been considerably benefitted: "I have lately been permitted to read a curious manuscript now in the hands of her Grace the Duchess Dowager of Portland, containing Essays and Dialogues of the Dead, on the following subjects, by Prior. 1. Heads for a Treatise on Learning. 2. Essay on Opinion. 3. A Dialogue betwixt Charles the Fifth and Clenard the Grammarian. 4. Betwixt Locke and Montagne. 5. The Vicar of Bray and Sir Thomas More. 6. Oliver Cromwell and his Porter. If these pieces were published, Prior would appear to be as good a prose writer as poet.--Some valuable memoirs of his life, written by the Hon. Mr. Montagu, his friend, are also in possession of the Duchess Dowager of Portland."

Dr. Warton, Essay on Pope, vol. II p. 482

The anonymous Imitation of Anacreon, which is printed in p. 155. of this volume, I since perceive, is attributed to Prior, in the late Collection of the English Poets, vol. XXXI.p. 250.

(2)]* First acted at Lincoln's Inn Fields, 1703. R. [who's that?]

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