[half-title] J. Nichols's Select Collection of Poems. Volume VII.

[Volume 7 picture:] John Cleiveland, Esq., Aet. Circ. 32; This, this is he, who in Poetic Rage with scorpions lash'd the madness of the age.

A Select Collection of Poems:

with Notes, Biographical and Historical. The Sixth Volume.

London: Printed by and for J. Nichols, . . . MDCCLXXXII.


Since the Selection of CLEIVELAND's Poems given in this Volume, was printed off, it has been discovered, that FIVE of the pieces there attribted to that Poet were written by R. Fletcher; being extracted from the Second Part of Cleiveland's Works, 1687, 8vo., where under the title ADDITIONS, sixty-five pages . . . . are literally copied from a book intituled "Ex Otio Negotium, . . . by R. Fletcher. Lond. 1656." In the following page the several Poems are ascribed to their proper Authors.[I have marked RF those poems by Fletcher that are attributed to Cleiveland in the text but reassigned properly in the Contents.]


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By Mr. Neville, 2

Satire on the Origin of the English Nation; in the ancient Scottish Dialect. [no auth] 7

How the first Heland Man was made. By an ancient Lowland Bard. [no auth name] 8

The Rebel Scot. By John Cleiveland, Esq. 10

Epigram, by another Writer. [no auth] 16

By J. Cleiveland. 17, ibid., 19, RF20, 21, 23, RF28, RF32, 35, RF36, 37, 38, RF40, 42, RF45, 47

By John Hall 49, 58, 59, 60

By Thomas Jordan 61, 64

By Mr. Kynaston 65, 66

By the Editor. 67

To Dr. Matanasius. By Lord Bolingbroke, 68

De felici Partu Reginae Mariae. By Mr. Cowley. 70

In Reginae Mariae fertilitatem. BTS 72

Upon the happie Birth of the Duke, BTS 73

Epigram, By Mr. Waller. 75

On the Birth of the Princess Mary. By Mr. King. 76

De Praematuro Reginae Enixu. BTS 78

On the King's Recovery. BTS 79

On the Birth of James Duke of York. By the same. 81

Ad Reginam. BTS 82

On the Birth of Princess Elizabeth. BTS 83

On the Birth of a Princess, the fifth child of King Charles the First. BTS 84

On the same Occasion. By Mr. Cotton. 85

On the Death of George Duke of Albemarle. By Nathaniel Lee 86

On the Marriage of the Lady Mary with the Prince of Orange. By George Granville, Esq. 89

On the Marriage of George Prince of Denmark and the Lady Anne. By Mr. Charles Montagu. 90

On the Marriage of George Prince of Denmark and the Lady Anne. By Mr. Prior 93

[same title]. By Mr. Stepney. 595

On the Birth of the Prince of Wales. By S. Wesley 98

To the Queen Consort of James II. By Mr. Higgons. 101

On the Birth of a Princess, the fifth Child of King Charles I. By Mr. Crashaw. 103

On the Birth of the Prince of Wales. By Mr. Edmund Smith. 105

On the Inauguration of King William and Queen Mary. BTS. 108

On the Return of King William from Ireland after the Battle of Boyne. By Mr. Smith. 110

On the same event. By Mr. Addison. 113

On the Death of George Prince of Denmark. Addressed to the Queen. By Mr. Trapp. 116

On the Inauguration of King William and Queen Mary. By Mr. Robert Friend. 122

On the Death of Queen Caroline. BTS 125

Rondelay. [no auth] 128

By Mr. Charles Hopkins. 129, 130, 131

By Mr. Charles Gildon ibid.

Dr. George Sewell. 133, 139, 141, 143, 144, 145

Epistle from London, to Richardson Pack, Esq. at St Edmond's Bury, 1722 [no auth] 146

Ode to Mr. Handel, 1722. By Daniel Prat. 150 [what follow all seem to be odes, up to the Letter from a Lady.]


By Dr. Byrom. 156

By Mr. Thomas Newcomb. 161, 170, 175, 181, 185, 186, ibid., 187,ibid., 188, ibid., 189, ibid., 190.

Letter from a Lady to her Husband abroad, 1729. 196

Song, from the Flower-Piece. [no auth]

By John Boyle, Earl of Orrery. 204, {210, 21_, 216, 217

By Bp. Hoadly. 218

By Mr. Lloyd. 223

On the Masters of Clare-Hall and Caius College. [no auth] 226

by the Rev. William Gostling, M. A.} [these were all trans. of Horace]

By Mr. (afterwards Dr.) Dodd 228, 230, 233

Epigram on Two Ladies, who were both drowned walking on the Sea- shore. ibid.

The Medicine, a Tale--for the Ladies. By Mr. W. Harrison 234

By Samuel Cobb, 238, 242, 253, 255, 258, 261, 263

By Mr. S. Boyse. 266

By James Dalacourt, B.A. 269, 298

[no auth] 301

By Walter Harte, M.A. 302, 306, 308

Epistle to Mr. Whaley, at Poplar. [no auth] 310

On a young Lady's weeping at Oroonoko. [no auth] 311

By Mr. (afterwards Dr.) Sneyd Davies 312

. . . . [many pages more; it looks like he might be copying another miscellany, but it doesn't look to me like Steele's.

[I just ran out of time; what follows are highlights:]

The Happy Bard, by A. B. 320 [=Aphra Behn?] How happy is the bard, / Whose book no man peruses . . . .

. . . .

By the Editor. 326, 327, 328 [says bts in text], 330, 331, 333, 335, 337, 338, 340.

. . . .

Verse to David Garrick, Esq. at Mount Edgcumbe. By the late Earl of Chatam. 352

Mr. Garrick's Answer. 353

Epilogue to the Ladies. By Mr. Maynwaring. 354, 356, 357, 360

. . . .

To Mr. Pope, on his Homer. [no auth] 361.
So much, dear Pope, thy English Illiad charms,
Whose pity melts us, or whose passion warms,
That after-ages shall with wonder seek
Who 'twas translated Homer into Greek. [361; the end]
Epistle to Mr. Pope, on the same Subject. [no auth] 362
Delightful Favourite of the tuneful Nine,
Around whose head unrival'd glories thine,
Your Heavenly strains in every bosom raise
Ambitious ardours, to advance your praise.
. . . . [362-3]
Another [no auth] 363
When first thy Muse, in tuneful rural strains,
Sung Windsor's forests, and her flowery plains,
A tyrant's fall, Britannia's happy state,
. . . . [363-365]
To Mr. Pope, on his Essay on Man. [[no auth] 365
BY P. L.
Hail, moral Bard! to whose instructive lay
Ev'n Greece must yield, and Rome her homage pay;
Such are thy numbers, that, with wondrous art,
They sooth at once the ear, and mend the heart.
. . . . [365-366]

By Dr. Cobden. 366, 367, 368, 369

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"BTS" means "By the Same" author who wrote the preceding poem.

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