[Volume 8: same half-title and title; picture:] Joseph Spence, A.M. Carmina, Picturas, et Daedala Signa.

A Select Collection of Poems:

with Notes, Biographical and Historical. The Eighth Volume.

London: Printed by and for J. Nichols, . . . MDCCLXXXII.

[As before, there is a section called: "Additional Remarks and Corrections" which goes through all eight vols. These corrections go from the following page numbers:

Vol. 1 281-287

Vol. 2 288-292

Vol. 3 292-294

Vol. 4 294-300

Vol. 5 301-307

Vol. 6 307-308

Vol. 7 308-317

Vol. 8 317-322.]

[At the end of volume 8, there is a huge, ridiculously huge, 323- to-496-page "INDEX TO THE EIGHT VOLUMES." The principles of indexing are not quite clear, since subjects make frequent index entries--subjects that might be phrases or might be first lines, but definitely are not of the card catalogue variety:]

Abject state! to groan under dependency on one, 3:83

Absalom was writ for Zimri's sake, 4:130

Absence, Hopkins, 2:255

. . . .

Addison, applauded man, 5:43 [it's a line in a poem, a phrase, really, part of a line.]

Addressing owls, in holes repine, 4:213

Adieu to poetry, adieu to love, 2:269

Admiration, Hopkins, 2:227

. . . .

Advice, 6:155 [title: "The Advice, To Miss M-R-N-L"]

. . . .

Allegory, more is meant than first is understood, 7:289 [subject in a poem called "A Prospect of Poetry. Addressed to the Earl of Orrery. By James Dalacourt*, B. A." * Of this ingenious writer I am not able to give any other account than that the two poems here printed appeared at Dublin in 1733, and at London in the following year; with recommendatory versees by . . . . N.]

Discords make the concert sweet, 8:160

Diseases, barbarous armies, havock make, 6:273 [the last two are lines, but not first lines, lines in the middle of long poems. This index is more like a concordance.]

[After index,]


[highlights only; I'm out of time.]

. . . .

Extempore, by Mrs. Highmore, on seeing a Gate carried by two men through Lincoln's Inn Fields. 1743. 62

Ode to Melancholy. To the Memory of a Lady who died of a Cancer in the Breast. ib.

. . . .

[there is a whole slew of poems on deaths, births, and marriages of royalty, pp. 172-223, the last one being by Mr. Pepys.]

. . . .

Drinking Song, by the Lady Withens. ib. [=269]

. . . .

Additional Remarks and Corrections, 281-322

Poetical Index to the Eight Volumes. 323-491

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