BL 1608/720

[Half-title:] A Collection of Poems. Vol. II.

A Collection of Poems in Two Volumes. By Several Hands.

London: printed for G. Pearch, MDCCLXVIII.

[No Table of Contents]

INDEX to the Second Volume. [p. 318:]

ORIENTAL Eclogues. By William Collins. Page 1

Ode on the Death of Mr. James Thomson. By the Same. 15

Ode to Pity. By the Same. 17

Ode to Simplicity. By the Same. 19

Ode to Peace. By the Same. 22

Ode to Mercy. BTS. 23

Ode to Liberty. BTS. 24

Ode to Fear. BTS. 31

Ode on the Poetical Character. BTS. 34

The Manners: An Ode. BTS. 38

The Passions: An Ode. BTS. 41

Written on a Paper, which contained a Piece of Bride Cake. BTS. 46

London, or the Progress of Commerce. By Mr. Glover. 48.

Modern Virtue. [no auth] 72

A Monody to the Memory of Mrs. Woffington. 84

Of Benevolence: An Epistle to Eumenes. By Dr. Armstrong.

The Cure of Saul. By Dr. Brown. 100

An Inscription. By the Same.

Ode to Melancholy. By John Ogilvie, M. A. 113

Ode to the Genius of Shakespear. By the Same. 118

Ode to Time. BTS. 124

Ode to Sleep. BTS. 130

Ode to Evening. BTS. 135

Ode to Innocence. BTS 141

Verses written in London, on the Approach of Spring [no auth] 143

Woodstock: An Elegy [no auth] 155

Ode on the Rebellion in the Year 1745. By Dr. Schomberg. 168

Heaven: A Vision. By Mr. Scott. 180

Ode on Sleep. BTS. 193

Ode on Pleasure. BTS. 197

Ode on Despair. BTS. 202 [not about melancholy. about Hero and Leander--Hero's despair.]

Ode to the Muse. BTS. 207

The Wish: An Elegy. By Dr. Blacklock 211

Hymn to Fortitude. By the Same. 215

Ode against Ill Nature. By Mr. Smart. 223

Ode on St. Cecilia's Day. By the Same. 226

The Seasons. By Moses Mendez, Esq. 234

Ode to Liberty. By Dr. J. Warton. 247

Ode to Health. By the Same. 250

Ode to Superstition. By the Same. 252

Ode to a Gentleman upon his Travels through Italy. By the Same. 254

Ode against Despair. By the Same. 257 [on "the god of groans, Despair" and about suicide.]

Ode to the Nightengale. By the Same. 259

Ode to a Lady who hates the Country. BTS. 260

Ode to Solitude. BTS. 262

Holkham. By Mr. Potter. 263

The Poor Man's Prayer [no auth] 271

Five Pastoral Eclogues [no auth] 274

O the Peace of Aix la Chapelle. By Mr. Hurd. 297

Laura: an Elegy. by Dr. Marriott 300

Rinaldo and Armida. By the Same. 311

Sacred Ode. By the Same. 313

Inscription upon a Hermitage. BTS. 316

Written on the Hermitage of Smart Lethielliur, Esq. 317



"BTS" means "By the Same" author who wrote the preceding poem.

"FTS" often means "From the Same" collection which is listed as the source of the preceding poem.

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