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[Half-Title:] A Collection of Poems. Vol. IV.

A Collection of Poems in Four Volumes. By Several Hands.

London: printed for G. Pearch, M.DCC.LXX.

[No Table of Contents]

INDEX to the Fourth Volume.

The Valetudinarian, an Ode. By Dr. Marriott. 1

The Royal Voyage. BTS. 13

Ode on Death, translated from the French. BTS. 116

Inscription upon a Monument. BTS. 21

To a Lady sitting for her Picture. BTS. 22

Elegy on the Death of a young Lady. BTS. 24

The Academic. BTS. 28

Amabella [sic.]. By Mr. Jerningham. 34

A Spousal Hymn. By the Rev. Mr. J. Scott. 41

Sonnets. By Thomas Edwards, Esq;

  1. For the Root-House at Wrest. 49
  2. To Miss H. M. 50
  3. To Dr. Heberden. 51
  4. To Mr. J. Paice. 52
  5. To the same. 53
  6. To ---. 54
  7. To the Deity. 55
  8. To Matthew Barnard. 56

On Mr. Nash's Picture. By the E--- of C---. 57

On the D---ss of R---d. By the same. 58

Arno's Vale, a Song. By the Duke of Dorset. 59

Britain's Isle. BTS. 60

Ode to Morning. By -----. 61

To a Lady, with a Pair of Goves on Valentine's Day. By Villiers, Duke of Buckingham. 64

Kimbolton Park. By the Rev. Mr. H. 65

Retirement, an Ode. By Mr. Beattie. 74

The Triumph of Melancholy. By the same.

Elegy occasioned by the Death of a Lady. BTS. 86

Absence, a Pastoral Ballad. By ---. 90

Ode to Health. By Mrs. Brooke. 93

Ode. By the same. 95

Ode to Friendship. By the same. 96

To the Moon. By Mr. Robert Lloyd. 97

A Ballad. BTS. 102

A Ballad. BTS.104

Love Elegies. By Mr. Hammond.

Elegy the First. 106

Elegy the Second. 108

Elegy the Third. 110

The Genealogy of Christ. By Bishop Lowth. 114

Winter Prospects in the Country. By J.S. 124

Hymn from Psalm lxv. BTS. 126

Sonnets. By the same. 127

  1. Apology for Retirement. 127
  2. To Retirement. 128.
  3. To Delia. 129
  4. To Britannia. 130.

On reading Mrs. Macaulay's History of England. BTS. 131

Written at the Hermitage at Addersbrook, 1761. By Mr. C---. 132

Advice to a Shepherd. BTS. 133

Ode on Autumn. BTS. 134

Epitaph on a Peasant. BTS. 135

Psalm cxxxvii. BTS. 136

The latter Part of Habbakuk, Chap. iii. BTS. 137

Ode to Sleep. By Dr. T---- S----. 138

Ode to Mirth. BTS. 139.

Ode to a Singing Bird. By Mr. Richardson. 141

Elegy on a Hummingbird. By ---. 144

A Morning Soliloquy on Deafness. By ---. 147

The Hermit. By Dr. Goldsmith. 149

The Beldames. By ---. 156.

Ode to the River Eden. By Dr. Langhorne. 166

On the Dutchess of Mazarin's retiring to a Convent. BTS. 169

The Tulip and Myrtle. BTS. 173

Rural Simplicity, an Ode. BTS. 176

Written on a Chinese Temple. BTS 179

Written on another open Temple. BTS. Ib.

Lines occasioned by Lord Lyttleton's Verse to the Countess of Egremont. BTS. 180

A Sonnet from a MS of J. Harrington, dated 1564. 181

The Hospitable Oake. By ----. 182

To a Lover. By ---. 184

The Hermite's Addresse to Youthe, written in the Spring Garden at Bath. By ---/ 195

The Feminead; or Female Genius. By Mr. Duncombe. 186.

Ode to the Hon. John Yorke. BTS. 202

Solitude, a Song. By Dr. Cotton. 205

To the Memory of the late Duke of Bridgewater, 1748. BTS. 206

The African Prince. By Dr. Dodd. 207

Zara, at the Court of Anamaboe to theAfrincan Prince when in England. BTS. 214

Hymn to Hope. BTS. 221

Verses occasioned by a Present of a Moss Rose-Bude from Miss Jackson of Southgate. BTS. 2230

The Equality of Mankind. By Mr. Wodhull. 231

Two Love Elegies. By ---. 251

An Inscription written on one of the Tubs in Ham-Walks, 1760. By the same. 261

Verses written on a Pedestal. BTS. 263

The Recantation, an Ode. By ---. 266

Ode to Horror. By ---. 269

Verses on the expected Arrival of Queen Charlotte, 1761. 273

Aminta, an Elegy. By the Rev. Mr. Gerrard.

Petherton-Bridge, an Elegy. By the same. 282

An Epistle from an unfortunate Gentleman to a young Lady. BTS. 285

A Song. BTS. 290

On the Eternity of the Supreme Being. By C. Smart, M. A. 293

On the Immensity of the Supreme Being. BTS. 299

On the Omniscience of the Supreme Being. BTS. 305

On the Power of the Supreme Being. BTS. 312

On the Goodness of the Supreme Being. BTS. 318.

[end of 4th volume]


"BTS" means "By the Same" author who wrote the preceding poem.

"FTS" often means "From the Same" collection which is listed as the source of the preceding poem.

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