English Poetry

Of the Mid and Late Eighteenth Century:

An Historical Anthology

Edited by

Ricardo Quintana and Alvin Whitley

New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1963

[from] Preface

We trust that we have taken into account most of the major English and Scottish poets whose creative work was done between 1740 and 1800 and who are generally recognized as taking an important part in eighteenth-century letters. In consideration of length, we have reluctantly omitted the political and literary satirist, Charles Churchill.

[from] Contents

Introduction: Eighteenth-Century Poetry: Some Historical Considerations

Edward Young

Robert Blair

Samuel Johnson

William Shenstone

Thomas Gray

Mark Akenside

William Collins

Christopher Smart

Joseph Warton

Oliver Goldsmith

William Cowper

James Beattie

James MacPherson

Thomas Chatterton

George Crabbe

William Blake

Robert Burns

Selected Bibliographies

Index of Authors

Index of Titles and First Lines

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