1799, 1800

BL P.P.6596

The Annual Anthology.

Vol. I. 1799.

[Robert Southey, ed.]

Bristol: Printed by Biggs and Co., for T. N. Longman and O. Rees, London.

[Southey's name does not appear on the page.]


Similar Collections to the present have long been known in France and Germany, under the title of Almanacks of the Muses. In Germany they were first introduced by Burger, and Schiller and Voss each edite one at present.

Of the poems contained in this volume, none have appeared in any regular form. Many have been printed in the Morning-Post. Many are now first published: and, with the exception of one piece only, all have been transmitted to the Editor by their respective Authors.

It is the intention of the Editor to publish annually a similar volume. Communications are to be addressed to Messrs. Biggs & Co. Printers, Bristol, for the Editor of the Annual Anthology. It is requested that the Writer will enclose his address, that the piece may be returned, if found inconvenient to insert.


[contents is like that of a miscellany, by name of poem and author although most of them have no author. There are women and men poets mixed up together.]

In Vol. 1, there are poems by Mrs. Opie (many), Joseph Cottle, Charles Lamb, Robert Southey, George Dyer; vol. 2: Charles Lloyd, S. T. Coleridge, Joseph Hicks, Robert Southey, Mrs. Robinson, Charles Lamb, Edmund Everard, William Case. The poems of one author do not occur next to each other. There are no headnotes; I saw one footnote in all volumes.]

Volume II. 1800

Bristol: prt. by Biggs and Co. for T. N. Longman and O. Rees, London, 1800


A Topographical Ode

Bishop Bruno

The Holly Tree, by Robert Southey

Youth and Age

Elegy on a Quid of Tobacco [Lamb?]

To a Friend settled in the Country



Musings on the wig of a Scarecrow

To a Young man, by Charles Lloyd

Dirge for him who shall deserve it

To Mr. Opie, by Mrs. Opie

The Oak of our Fathers

To a Friend, enquiring if I would live over my youth again

The Rhodycinian Barbers

Ode to the River Cam, by George Dyer

To a Friend

Chimalpoca, a Monodrama

St. Michael's Chair--
And who sat there

The Morning Mist

The Burnie Bee

Inscriptions, by Robert Southey

  1. For the banks of the Hampshire Avon
  2. For a Monument at Oxford
  3. For a Monument in the Vale of Ewias
  4. Epitaph on King John
  5. In a Forest
  6. For a Monument at Taunton
  7. For a Tablet at Penshurst

Stanzas written on the Sea-Shore, by Mrs. Opie

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