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What is a Technical Editor?

  1. The Technical Editor ensures that the electronic edition meets standards set by granting agencies and libraries for scholarly electronic editions.  Current standards require that all documents must be TEI-encoded, and all corrections made to one TEI master.  For that to be possible, the Technical Editor writes XSLT scripts (programs) that can transform the TEI masters into various forms.
    1. HTML pages for web presentation
    2. Plain text files for searching
    3. Metadata files
    4. Database entry files

The Technical Editor makes sure that all files validate and that all files conform to or legally extend TEI coding requirements.

  1. The Technical Editor designs and creates a database for the electronic edition, when called for.
  2. The Technical Editor manages metadata for various organizations.  Should libraries contact you wishing to put a link to your electronic edition into their catalogs, you may – if they request help – refer them to your Technical Editor.
  3. The Technical Editor regularly submits metadata to online finding aids and bibliographies such as the MLA Bibliography, NINES, etc.
  4. The Technical Editor relays possibilities for print publication and offers coded text to publishers for print publication, should they approach you.


A word about how the electronic edition has been designed:

TEIplusxsltpluscssequalsPage of the Poetess Archive as it appears on an iPhone



The Technical Editor has made it possible for all kinds of changes to occur in your edition.  The look of the site can be changed very easily, should you hire new site designers at any time.  The look of specific parts of texts are easily changed.  Elements of house style can be easily changed: you can decide to always add spaces after some textual element, or to delete spaces.  The Technical Editor can write scripts to change all these things uniformly site wide.