Chess Links (under reconstruciton)

Chess Federations & Organizations
Fédération Internationale des Échecs (FIDE)  World Chess Federation web site.
US Chess Federation Official website and online store for the US Chess Federation. The USCF is the official sanctioning body for tournament chess in the United States, and for US participation in international chess events.
Internet Chess Playing Sites
Internet Chess Club THE place to play chess online. Over 20,000 members and 70,000 games played per day. Beginners to Grandmasters welcome.

Free Internet Chess Server  FICS is the ORIGINAL chess playing site.

Yahoo! Chess Play chess on Yahoo!

Chess Instruction & Coaching

Exeter Chess Club with Kool Dave  Excellant site to improve your game!
GM Kaidanov Game Archives
Gregory Kaidanov's Favorite Games  Here you will find move-by-move recreations of some of GM Kaidavov's games. Requires Java.
Chess Notation  Check out some of Gregory Kaidanov's games here in chess notation rather than played out on a board.
Chess Stores
ChessShop The Week in Chess - sponsored by the London Chess Centre.
Your Move Chess and Games America's Largest Chess Store, The World's Premier Chess & Games Mail-Order House. A Division of ICD Corporation.
Other Board Game Sites Play online chess, backgammon, checkers, Battleship, Othello, reversi, Connect4, variations. WebTV compatible games. FREE turn-based multiplayer Internet board games, email notification.