Why join Circle K?

Why Join Circle K?

Benefits of Being a Member of Miami University Circle K International

Personal Development:

- Circle K member have fun, meet new people, and gain memories that last a lifetime.

- Circle K members gain insight to the issues affecting hte local and global community, and learn to solve problems facing the communities as they become actively involved in changing their campus and community enviroments for the better.

- Friendship, cornershtone of Circle K's network. Since there are more than 500 Circle K clubs worldwide, members have the unique opportunity to become friends with collegians from all over the world. You can do this by participation in divisional, district and international events.

-Scholarships!! In addition to individual Kiwanis-Sponsored scholaships, there are up to thirty $1,000 scholarshops made available to Circle K members.

- The Circle K Magazine is a professional publication that features articles and information pertaining to student intrests, career development, organizational programs, and Circle K activites. This magazine is mailed to every member 5 times annually.

- Educational literature and membership materials are always available to memebers of Circle K online, in addition to the member handbook, in , and card presented to members upon joining Circle K.

-Circle K members have a unique opportunity to become friends with Circle K's professional counterpart, Kiwanis. Our sponsoring Kiwanis Club is available to lend a hand, train us, and provide guidance.

Leadership Development

- Through the structure of Circle K International, every Circle K member has the unique opportunity to develop leadership skills by serving as an officer or committee chairperson. Whether it be service as a club project chair, district officer or international officer, each member has the opportunity to discover and develop new talents and skills.

- Ongoing leadership training is available and divisonal, district, and international events.

- The International office publishes additional literature to assist club officers and committee chairpersons in manageing their day to day activities. The literature available target membership recruitment, public relations, membership development, and training.

Professional Development

- Involvement in Circle K will allow members to apply what they learn in the classroom to everyday situations. The skills that are developed and the opportunites experienced through involvement in Circle K will increase a students employability after college.

- Circle K connection to Kiwanis promotes career networking between collegians and professionals. Circle K'ers will have the opportunity to learn about their fields of interest from professionals. Their interaction with Kiwanians may lead to summer jobs, interships, and professional career positions.

- The Kiwanis Career Contacts Program has been designed to promote the interaction of Kiwanians and Circle K'ers to discuss fields and opportunities.