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Tigullio in Books

But here in Tigullio emerald over sapphire april birds thru the stillness
-- Ezra Pound, c. 1940

  1. Giuseppe Bacigalupo, Ieri a Rapallo (Udine: Campanotto, 2003.) A memoir by their doctor of more and less illustrious visitors to Rapallo, among them Max Beerbohm, and Lillian and Dorothy Gish, and Ezra Pound.
  2. Massimo Bacigalupo, Ezra Pound un poeta a Rapallo (1985) – this is an illustrated book in English and Italian. You may be able to obtain a copy from the Ufficio Stampa of Comune di Rapallo.
  3. --, Grotta Byron: Luoghi & libri (Udine: Campanotto, 2001). Illustrated. Has chapters on Pound, Hemingway etc. Obtainable at Libreria Agorà, Rapallo.
  4. --, “Italy in Hemingway’s Forty-Nine Stories”: an essay in RSA 11 (2000), at <>.
  5. Mary de Rachwiltz, Ezra Pound Father and Teacher: Discretions (New York: New Directions, Ist ed. 1971). A memoir with sections on Rapallo during the and after the war.
  6. Gerald Green, The Portofino PTA (OP). A funny novel about a tourist in Rapallo in the early 60s. You can probably get a copy through
  7. Ernest Hemingway, In Our Time. See “Cat in the Rain”.
  8. James Laughlin, Selected Poems (San Francisco: City Lights).Includes “In Another Country,” a poem set in Rapallo.
  9. Elmore Leonard, Pronto. A thriller set in a rainy Rapallo.
  10. Il Mare: Supplemento letterario (Comune di Rapallo) A reprint of the literary supplement that appeared in Rapallo in 1931-32 with contributions by Marinetti, Pound and others. Also available from Comune di Rapallo.
  11. Robert Lowell, Life Studies (includes “Sailing Home from Rapallo”).
  12. Eugenio Montale, Complete Poems, ed. Jonathan Galassi (NY: FSG). The poems in Montale’s first volume, Cuttlefish Bones, are set in the Cinque Terre; there is also a poem called “Caffè a Rapallo.”
  13. Fred Plotkin, Recipes from Paradise: Life & Food on the Italian Riviera (Little, Brown 1997). All you need to know on Liguria’s food.
  14. Ezra Pound, The Cantos (NY: New Directions). Read especially Cantos 39, 47, 74-84 (“The Pisan Cantos”).
  15. Elizabeth Lady Russell, Enchanted April (1922). A bittersweet novel about Portofino (“San Salvatore”). Also a film and a musical.
  16. C. K. Stead, Villa Vittoria (Albany NZ: Penguin Books 1997). A thinly disguised novel about a Pound conference in Rapallo.
  17. W. B. Yeats, “A Packet for Ezra Pound” , in A Vision.
  18. --, Collected Poems (“The Winding Stairs and Other Poems” was partly written in Rapallo, especially “Byzantium” and “Words for Music Perhaps”.)

Compiled by Massimo Bacigalupo, 16 February 2005