Miami University

"Ezra Pound, Language and Persona"

The 21st Ezra Pound International Conference will be held in Rapallo, Italy, Pound’s home during most of his Italian years. Sessions will take place at the Teatro-Auditorium delle Clarisse, opposite the Giardini Ezra Pound, a small memorial pond and garden which Rapallo dedicated to Pound. Lodging will be in various Rapallo hotels, with meals there or in other places at the discretion of participants, who will have the opportunity to relax in the seafront Caffé Rapallo, under the balcony of Ezra and Dorothy Pound's apartment in Via Marsala, once the headquarters of the "Ezuversity." Nearby is the Salone Consigliare of the Town Hall, where Pound arranged concerts of music, and where the fiddle score which is now Canto 75 was first performed by Olga Rudge. There will be visits to Sant’ Ambrogio, where Pound lived with Olga, which forms the background of some of his most haunting lines. Excursions to nearby Pound places such as Portofino, Portovenere, and Zoagli will be arranged. Among the highlights of this conference will be the possibility of seeing, on the night of July 3 in the Gulf of Tigullio, "the long boats set the lights in the water" as celebrated in Canto 47.



Ezra Pound in Rapallo, 1930's
Photograph by: James Jesus Angleton.

By courtesy of William Roth and by permission of Cicily Angleton.