Proudly stepping out into the community...

GLEAM Listserv

We have established a listserv for people on campus and in the surrounding community who want to know about, discuss, and participate in projects concerning sexual orientation at Miami University.

The GLEAM listserv is an automated mailing list for a group of people interested in a topic. Members of the listserv can send an e-mail message to all of the other subscribers on the mailing list by sending a message to

This listserv is openly moderated, which means that only members of the listserv can send messages.

if you wish to become a subscriber (or remove yourself from the subscriber list), you must send a request to the moderators, Dan Meyers or Bruce Drushel. If you wish to be a subscriber and remain anonymous, you may conceal your membership on the list. Instructions for doing this will be sent to you when you first subscribe to the GLEAM listserv.