About the IEEE Professional Organization

The full name of IEEE is the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. IEEE is a global authority and medium through which professionals can meet and share services, resources, and information on any and every field of technology.

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Current Officers of the Student Branch

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Chi-Hao Cheng and Dr. Peter Jamieson
President: Chad Sobota
Vice President: Aaron Pittenger
Treasurer: Jamie Morton
Secretary: Martha Garasky
About IEEE at Miami University

This branch of the non-profit professional group IEEE was started by students' initiative and is student-run. Our mission as a student organization is to help facilitate our own education and the education of our peers by providing opportunities to explore and learn outside the classroom.

Some of our activities include holding seminars on topics of interest, visiting IEEE section meetings, and inviting guest speakers. We are always open to new ideas however, and we encourage anyone interested to become involved in our student branch.

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