KGroups this spring are on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and cover a wide variety of topics throughout the Bible. All KGroups are open to anyone that wants to join. The comprehensive list is below.

K-groups are the spiritual food of our ministry here at MCF. K-groups are our small-group communities that meet weekly. They are places for you to grow spiritually, through careful study of the Bible, through prayer (both individual and corporate), and through reaching out to the campus, whether it be a service project, or an evangelical event designed to spread the gospel message. K-groups support their members by helping them become closer to God. We at MCF believe it is extremely important to be in a small group during the semester, as it is the time during which you will grow the most in your faith as a believer. It's never too late to join a KGroup!

We’ve got Koininia-groups all over the map!
Where will YOU meet the Lord this semester?
**WARNING: K-groups may take you on an incredible journey of growth, love, knowledge of the Bible and lasting and meaningful friendships and relationships for the duration of your college career and beyond. Persons who are allergic to or adamantly against the abovementioned may want to take a few extra seconds to consider joining a K-Group before JOINING ONE ANYWAYS CUZ THEY’LL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!**


"In this study on the book of Matthew, we will learn more about what it really means to be a disciple of Jesus, as well as learn more about who Jesus is." - Kayla Ratcliffe

Leader: Kayla Ratcliffe (

When and where: 5:45 Ovations for dinner followed by the study


this group is studying the book of Mark, focusing on the text, and what it has to say, means, and applies to us. 

Leader: Dennis Dudley (Staff Worker)

When and where: Tappan Hall study room at 7-8.30 pm. Contact Dennis for more info 513/461-1828.


"We will be looking into Paul's letter to the Colossians to understand the significance of what Jesus did and how we can apply this to our lives" - Bradley Worth

Leader: Bradley Worth II (

When and where: Erickson Dinning hall @ 6:00 study follows dinner @ 6:45-7:00ish