“What is a vision statement? Why do we have one? Where did it come from?"


Loving God
Loving All People
Building Christ's Kingdom
Proclaiming Jesus as Lord

MCF has a tradition of having a new vision every year based on the vision specifically given by God for the new chapter and it’s leaders. The purpose of this statement is not just something to memorize or something that sounds good on paper. It is an example and model of the mission work that God has set before the chapter members. It serves to envision us, encourage us, and remind us of the work we’ve come to do, while uniting the chapter in the common goal of sharing Christ with others. It is the creed to which our chapter members must work toward and follow in all things MCF, and it is the basis by which all chapter decisions are made by the leaders of the chapter.

Our vision statement was birthed at Chapter FOCUS week in May 2006 by the MCF exec team. The process was started with a lot of prayer. We knew that our own human words would be faulted, because we ourselves are faulted, so we turned to God’s Word as our ultimate authority. The resulting vision was a combination of several verses that exemplified leadership, servanthood, and love.

This small set of actions encapsulates all that we do here at Miami as a witnessing community. Above all, first and foremost, we are to love God. From him comes everything, all that we have. The reason our community exists at all at Miami is so that we may tell and show others of God. To that end, we proclaim Jesus as our Lord and Savior to the campus. In doing so, we hope to build up Christ's Kingdom here on earth, so that, eventually, we may all one day bow before our God. This vision statement is behind everything we do, from our bible studies, to our social outings and fellowship, to our prayer, and also to our training events and conferences.