Meshworks is a site dedicated to documenting and preserving video and sound recordings of writing in performance. The site’s title is taken from an essay by cris cheek in Additional Apparitions: Poetry, Performance, and Site-Specificity: “Each poetry reading is a meshwork, a gathering, of differentially inflected components.” more >>


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Rae Armantrout

Rae Armantrout Miami University – Oxford, Ohio – 10.4.07
Rae Armantrout is Professor of Poetry and Poetics at the University of California, San Diego. Her most recent book of poetry, Next Life, was chosen as one of the 100 Notable Books of 2007 by The New York Times. Other recent books include Collected Prose, Up to Speed, The Pretext, and Veil: New and Selected Poems...  movie and mp3 files of this event >>

Sean Bonney

Sean Bonney SoundEye Festival – Cork, Ireland – 7.6.05
Sean Bonney runs Yt Communication with Frances Kruk, and is the author of Blade Pitch Control Unit (Salt, 2005) and numerous pamphlets, including Document: hexprogress and Black Water. Bonney's poems are what the so-called New Generation poets must have been dreaming of 20 years ago when they declared that poetry was the new rock n' roll...  movie and mp3 files of this event >>

Mairéad Byrne

Mairead Byrne SoundEye Festival – Cork, Ireland – 7.9.05
Mairéad Byrne is the author of a collection of poetry, Nelson & The Huruburu Bird (Bray, Wild Honey Press 2003); and five chapbooks, Vivas (Wild Honey Press 2005); An Educated Heart (Palm Press 2005); Kalends (Belladonna 2005); China Dogs (Poetic Inhalation 2004); and The Pillar (Wild Honey Press 2000)...  movie and mp3 files of this event >>
YouTube video of Mairéad at post_moot 2010>>

Contemporary Experimental Women's Poetry Festival

CEWPF University of Cambridge (UK) – Oct 6-8, 2006
Featuring: Andrea Brady, Lisa Samuels, Kathleen Fraser, Susan M. Schultz, Rod Mengham, Susana Gardner, Geraldine Monk, Peter Middleton, Redell Olsen, Carol Mirakove, Keith Tuma & Justin Katko, Marianne Morris, Tom Raworth, Catherine Wagner, Coupons≠Coupons, Camille PB, Kai Fierle-Hedrick, Kristen Kreider, Tim Atkins, Ken Edwards, Wendy Mulford, Peter Manson, Maggie O'Sullivan, Caroline Bergvall, Leslie Scalapino, and Lucy Sheerman...  streaming video of this event >>

cris cheek

cris cheek SoundEye Festival – Cork, Ireland – 7.9.05
cris cheek, self-described "poet-pedagogue, writer-critic, book artist-publisher, new media practitioner and interdisciplinary performer," earned his PhD at Lancaster (UK), and has been involved in creative literary and artistic activities since 1975...  movie and mp3 files of this event >>

Martin Corless-Smith

Martin Corless-Smith Miami University – Oxford, Ohio – 9.12.06.
Martin Corless-Smith was born and raised in Worcestershire, England. His books are Swallows, Nota, Complete Travels, and Of Piscator. His next volume is two intersecting books entitled English Fragments/A Brief History of the Soul forthcoming from West House Books (Sheffield, England) in conjunction with Five Seasons Press (Hereford, England)...  movie and mp3 files of this event >>

Allen Fisher Allen Fisher

SoundEye Festival – Cork, Ireland – 7.7.05
Allen Fisher was born in South London in 1944. A poet, painter, publisher, editor and art historian, he has produced over one hundred and twenty-eight chapbooks and books of poetry, graphics and art documentation. He has exhibited his paintings in shows including a one-man show at York in 1993 and a two-man retrospective in Hereford in 1999, and examples of his work are in the Tate Gallery collection, The King's College archive and the Living Museum, Iceland. He continues to perform and write and paint...  movie and mp3 files of this event >>

Bill Griffiths

Bill Griffiths SoundEye Festival – Cork, Ireland – 7.4.05.
The death of Bill Griffiths robbed British poetry of one of its most legendary and beloved figures. Griffiths (1948-2007) was the author of some 80 pamphlets and books of poetry as well as a small press publisher, an archivist, and a scholar of Anglo-Saxon literature.  movie and mp3 files of this event >>

Alan Halsey

Alan Halsey Miami University– Oxford, Ohio– 11.13.08
The most extensive collections of Alan Halsey's work are Marginalien (Five Seasons 2005) and Not Everything Remotely (Salt 2006). As poet and artist he has publisehd collaborations with Karen Mac Cormack, Gavin Selerie, Kelvin Corcoran, David Annwn, Steve McCaffery and others. A Londonder by birth he ran...  movie and mp3 files of this event >>

Lee Harwood

Lee Harwood SoundEye 2005 – Cork, Ireland
Born in 1939, Lee Harwood is one of the leading English poets of his generation, the author of many books. His Collected Poems were published by Shearsman in 2004.  movie and mp3 files of this event >>

Randolph Healy

Randolph Healy SoundEye Festival – Cork, Ireland – 7.4.05
Randolph Healy was born in Irvine, Scotland and moved to Dublin as a child. After leaving school at 14, he worked as a salesman, Hoffmann presser, telex-typist, and security man before returning to Ballymun Community School and Trinity College, Dublin, where he studied mathematical sciences. He is the editor of Wild Honey Press...  movie and mp3 files of this event >>

Brenda Iijima

Brenda Iijima Miami University– Oxford, Ohio– 4.3.08
Brenda Iijima is the author of Around Sea (O Books, 204) and Animate, Inanimate Aims (Litmus Press, 2007). A visual artist as well as a poet, she lives in Brooklyn, NY, where she runs Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs

 streaming video & sound >>


IMAGEworks/WORDworks Miami University Art Museum – 2.22.07
IMAGEworks/WORDworks was an exhibition celebrating the work of five writers who maintain practices as visual artists. It included paintings, collages, installations, video work and poems by the poet-artists Norma Cole, Tom Raworth, Marjorie Welish, and TNWK (Kirsten Lavers and cris cheek). Meshworks presents here video and audio recordings of two events that were part of the exhibition: poetry readings by Norma Cole, Tom Raworth & Marjorie Welish with an introduction by Keith Tuma, and a talk by Marjorie Welish, together with the TNWK video, Once Upon a Time in the Best Western, featured in the exhibition...  streaming video & sound >>

Lisa Jarnot

Lisa Jarnot Miami University – Oxford, Ohio – 3.31.05
Lisa Jarnot was born in Buffalo, New York in 1967. She attended the State University of New York at Buffalo and Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Since the mid-1990s she has lived in New York City...  mp3 files of this event >>

Honorée Jeffers

Honoree Jeffers Miami University – Oxford, Ohio – 9.19.03
Honorée Fanonne Jeffers is the author of three books of poetry, The Gospel of Barbecue, Outlandish Blues, and Red Clay Suite. A native southerner, she now lives on the prairie where she is Associate Professor of English at the University of Oklahoma....  mp3 files of this event >>

Trevor Joyce

Miami University – Oxford, Ohio – 10.18.07.
Trevor Joyce Trevor Joyce was born in Dublin and now lives in Cork, where he co-directs the SoundEye Festival of International Poetry. On his most recent tour in 2007, he read from What's In Store published by The Gig. In 2008, Courts of Air and Earth, a collection of workings from the Irish is due from Shearsman...  movie and mp3 files of this event >>

Trevor Joyce

Trevor Joyce SoundEye Festival – Cork, Ireland – 7.10.05
Trevor Joyce was born in Dublin and spent his early years in a central Dublin tenement. He was educated at University College, Dublin and University College, Cork. In 1967, he and Michael Smith began New Writers' Press and a year later produced the first issue of a magazine, The Lace Curtain, which published a range of international modernist poetry...  movie and mp3 files of this event >>

Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard SoundEye Festival – Cork, Ireland – 7.10.05
Tom Leonard was born in Glasgow, 1944. His Intimate Voices (poems 1965-83) has been in print through three publishers for twenty years; its sequel access to the silence (poems 1984-2004) came out in 2004. He has compiled Radical Renfrew (Poetry from the French Revolution to the First World War) and written a critical biography, Places of the Mind, on the nineteenth century Scottish poet James Thomson. Some of his prose is collected in Reports from the Present: Essays, Political Satires, and Poems 1982-1994. Being a Human Being and Other Poems is his most recent chapbook (2006)...  streaming video & sound >>

Bernadette Mayer

Bernadette Mayer Miami University – Oxford, Ohio – 4.5.06
Bernadette Mayer's poetry workshops, especially at The Poetry Project in Manhattan, have inspired whole generations of new poets. Recent books include Indigo Bunting (Zasterle, 2004) and Scarlet Tanager (New Directions, 2005)...  mp4 and mp3 files of this event >>

Kuba Mokrosinski

Kuba Mokrosinski SoundEye 2005 – Cork, Ireland
Kuba Mokrosinski was born in 1980 in Lodz, Poland. He has published short stories and poems and translations from English. His first collection of poems, Karate Kon, appeared in 2004. – mp4 and mp3 files of this event >>

Geraldine Monk

Geraldine Monk Miami University – Oxford, Ohio – 11.13.08
Geraldine Monk is an English poet whose first publications appeared in the 1970's with Writers Forum and Pirate Press. Since 1997 she has been a regular visitor to the United States. Her major volumes of poetry include Interregnum, (Creation Books 1995), Noctivagations 2001 and Escafeld Hangings 2005 (both published by West House Books)... – mp4 and mp3 files of this event >>

Tracie Morris

Tracie Morris Miami University – Oxford, Ohio – 9.19.03
Tracie Morris is a poet, multidisciplinary performer, musician, scholar, blogger, and more. She is the author of two collections, Intermission and Chap-T-her Won and has performed her poems throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, and Asia. For a sketch of her groundbreaking activities and a partial bibliography of her work, see

– mp4 and mp3 files of this event >>

New British Poets

New British Poets Miami University – April 9-10, 2007
The Spring 2007 issue of the Chicago Review, co-edited by Sam Ladkin & Robin Purves, featured the poetry of Andrea Brady, Chris Goode, Peter Manson, and Keston Sutherland. This group of poets and critics (minus Chris Goode) embarked on an American reading tour to support the issue, stopping in at Miami University on their way...  streaming video & sound >>

p o s t_m o o t  2006

post_moot Miami University – April 14-16, 2006
See two "trailers" of a festival that brought together a fold of practitioners for whom the possibilities of poetry as agency in contemporary society remains a passionate concern...  movie files of this event >>

p o s t_m o o t  2010

post_moot Miami University – April 22-25, 2010
View a sampling of the performances on our YouTube channel. The event included papers, live writing, poets theater, neo-benshi, sound art, talk-based poetics, voice art, collaboration, polylingualism, lyric meditations, translation, poetry readings, public writing interventions, sound poetry, visual poetry, eco poetics and text-based installation… movie files of this event >>

Tom Raworth

Tom Raworth Miami University – Oxford, Ohio – 9.22.05
Raworth was born and grew up in London. During the 1970s he traveled and worked in the United States and Mexico, returning to England in 1977 to be Resident Poet at King’s College, Cambridge...  mp4 and mp3 files of this event >>

Tom Raworth: Video Art

Meshworks correspondent Tom Raworth sends us this detailed record of his left hand logged during the month of February. Check it out on the Video Art page. Forthcoming transmissions will log his left hand during the other eleven months...  streaming video >>

Stephen Rodefer

Stephen Rodefer Miami University – Oxford, Ohio – 2.26.07
Rodefer is the author of numerous volumes of poetry including The Knife (1965), One or Two Love Poems from the White World (1976), The Bell Clerk's Tears Kept Flowing (1978), Plane Debris (1981), Emergency Measures (1987), Passing Duration (1991), Erasers (1994), and Left Under a Cloud (2000) . His book Four Lectures (1982) won the 1983 Annual Book Award given out by the American Poetry Center. His translations from the French include Orpheus (1983), and he is also, as the critic Hugh Kenner once noted, the only poet other than Basil Bunting to publish readable versions of the poetry of François Villon in English...  streaming video of this event >>


William R. Howe & Brian Marina Brown Miami University – Oxford, Ohio – 2.28.06
An evening of diverse engagements with the complex opacities of a faced and facing (if not faceless) audience. Participants included William R. Howe, cris cheek, Keith Tuma, Rachel Smith, Rachel Chase, Paul Morrow, Kevin R. Hollo, Aaren Yandrich, Dave Rothfuss, Peter Castaldo, Brian Marina Brown, Steven Paul Lansky, Leigh Waltz, Sarah Mann, and jUStin!katKO...  movie and mp3 files of this event >>

David Schloss

David Schloss Miami University – Oxford, Ohio – 2.19.09
David Schloss was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, studied Literature and Film, and received an MFA Poetry from the Iowa Writer's Workshop. He is a Professor of Engglish at Miami University, and lives in Cincinnati with his wife, Kay Sloan, a novelist, and his teenage daughter, Signe.   movie and mp3 files of this event > >

Alan Shapiro

Alan Shpairo Miami University – Oxford, Ohio – 10.23.08
Alan Shapiro has published ten books of poetry, most recently Old War (Houghton Mifflin 2008), and two memoirs, The Last Happy Occasion and Vigil, both published in 1997 by the University of Chicago. He has also published In Praise of the Impure: Poetry and the Ethical Imagination: Essays, 1980-1991 (Northwestern University, 1993) and a translation of The Oresteia (Oxford University, 2004). His new translation of The Trojan Women, by Euripedes, is forthcoming from Oxford University Press.   movie and mp3 files of this event > >

Alan Sondheim

Still from a Sondheim performance Miami University – Oxford, Ohio – 12.1.05
Sondheim is a multi-media artist working in written text, video, sound, and image. For the past twelve years he has been continuously writing a meditation on what it means to be "online" — a meditation that has carried him endlessly in and out of language. His readings are a kind of one-screen laptop performance...  movies of this event >>

SoundEye 2007

SoundEye 2007 Cork, Ireland – July 4-8, 2007
SoundEye works to continue what The Cork International Poetry Festival started when it was first held in 1997, to promote an Irish poetry alive and active in the wider world, and bring to Ireland practices, understandings, and bodies of work which have grown up elsewhere. The 2007 incarnation included more than twenty poets from all over the world. What follows is a selection from the five day festival.  streaming video & sound >>

SoundEye 12

SoundEye 12 SoundEye 12 – Cork, Ireland – July 2008 SoundEye works to continue what The Cork International Poetry Festival started when it was first held in 1997, seeking to promote an Irish poetry alive and active in the wider world, and to bring to Ireland practices, understandings, and bodies of work which have grown up elsewhere.

Here we present a selection from the 12th incarnation of the event in July. More video will appear in the months ahead.  movie and mp3 files of this event >>

Lorenzo Thomas

Thomas-Lorenzo Miami University – Oxford, Ohio – 9.18.03.
In September 2003, Miami University hosted the Marjorie Cook Conference on Diversity in African American Poetry, which featured readings from 20 poets, papers by leading scholars in the field, and panels addressing a series of issues confronting poets and scholars of contemporary poetry. One of the highlights of the conference was the reading by Lorenzo Thomas. Meshworks is in the process of digitizing readings from the conference for which there is video of sufficient quality and hopes to post others soon.  movie and mp3 files of this event >>

Ward Tietz

Ward Tietz MLA – Washington D.C. – 12.28.05
Ward Tietz has exhibited and performed in festivals, art centers and museums in the United Sates and Europe since the late 1980s, working in a variety of media including sculpture, sound, performance and works on paper. His most recent work includes Hg-The Liquid, which is forthcoming from 1913 Press, and a word sculpture installation called la chasse-cueillette (hunting and gathering) which is at the Villa Bernasconi Museum in Geneva, Switzerland.  movie and mp3 files of this event >>


TNWK p o s t_m o o t – Oxford, Ohio – 4.14.06
TNWK (formerly Things Not Worth Keeping) is a mesh of 'occurrences'; mixed-media installations, works in video, digital photography, sound works, procedural performances, bookart and hypertext. Many of these are interactive and participatory...Value-transitions, rather than value-fixities, are implied and intended by the project's title, our collaborative approach, the work and the work's frame...  movie and mp3 files of this event >>

Translating Cultures

Translating Cultures Miami University – Oxford, OH. – 04.01.09-04.03.09
For three days in April 2009, Miami University hosted Translataing Cultures, a writers festival that brought together an extraordinarily talented group of Latina/o and Latin American poets, novelists, playwrights and performance artists, the likes of which had never before gathered in Southwest Ohio...  movie and mp3 files of this event >>

Natasha Trethewey

Natasha Trethewey Miami University – Oxford, OH. – 04.24.08
Natasha Trethewey was born in Gulfport, Mississippi. Her first poetry collection, Domestic Work(Graywolf Press, 2000), won the inaugural 1999 Cave Canem poetry prize (selected by Rita Dove), among other awards. Her second collection, Bellocq's Ophelia (Graywolf, 2002), received the 2003 Mississippi Institute...  movie and mp3 files of this event >>

Catherine Wagner

Catherine Wagner SoundEye Festival – Cork, Ireland – 7.6.05
Catherine Wagner was born in Burma and raised in Baltimore. She is the author of Macular Hole (Fence 2004), Miss America (Fence 2001) and many chapbooks, including Hotel Faust (West House Books, 2001) and Exercises (811 Books, 2004)...  movie and mp3 files of this event >>

Dana Ward

Dana Ward Miami University – Oxford, Ohio. – 4.1.08
Dana Ward is the author of Goodnight Voice (House Press 2008), the Drought (Open 24hrs), & Roseland (Editions Louis Wain). He lives in Cincinnati where he edits Cy Press & works as an advocate for adult literacy at the Over-the-Rhine Learning Center.  movie and mp3 files of this event >>

John Wilkinson

John Wilkinson Soundeye Festival – Cork, Ireland – July 2005
John Wilkinson is a British poet, the most recent of whose indigestible publications are Lake Shore Drive (Salt 2006, including the work read here) and Down to Earth (Salt 2008). He teaches English at Notre Dame and otherwise haunts the Indiana Toll Road.  movie and mp3 files of this event >>

Tyrone Williams

Tyrone Williams Miami University – Oxford, Ohio – 9.22.05.
Tyrone Williams teaches literary theory and literature at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he chairs the English Department. He has published articles, reviews and poetry in a number of national journals, including Callaloo, The Denver Quarterly, Kenyon Review...  movie and mp3 files of this event >>