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SoundEye Festival – Cork, Ireland – 7.6.05

Sean Bonney

Sean Bonney lives in East London in the borough of Hackney, which an October 2006 Channel 4 program declared the worst place to live in the UK. Out of Hackney Bonney runs Yt Communication with Frances Kruk, publishing the occasional pamphlet, chapbook, or circular - see His work-in-progress and notes on his reading can be found at Bonney is the author of Blade Pitch Control Unit (Salt, 2005) and numerous pamphlets, including Document: hexprogress and, most recently, Black Water. "Surveillance shards" gathered just outside the police lines marking the entrance to London's "popstarz" society, Bonney's poems are what the so-called New Generation poets must have been dreaming of (if finally incapable of really imagining) 20 years ago when they declared that poetry was the new rock n' roll. If in their case it turned out that this meant that both poetry and rock n' roll were dead, Bonney's work might be enough to resuscitate the corpse of poetry. He deserves to be the most popular poet in Britain.

Keith Tuma
January 2007