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  •  Introduction by Catherine Wagner
  •  Intro to Swallows
  •  A Selection of the Aphorisms of Pseudo-Epiphanius
  •  An Enquiry into the Situation and Circumstances of Horace's Sabine Villa
  •  from "Journal (Home)"
  •  Dark Matter
  •  Some of the Prose
  •  How Shall a Modest Love Be Had
  •  An Idea of the Son
  •  The Twelve or Fourteen Stations
  •  I manage to have written...
  •  Added Here from Last Pages of Notebook
  •  Colors that Do Correspond Not to the Outward Aspect though in Truth I Do See Them So


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 Martin Corless-Smith

Miami University – Irvin Hall – Oxford, Ohio – 9.12.06

Martin Corless-Smith

Martin Corless-Smith was born and raised in Worcestershire, England. His books are Swallows, Nota, Complete Travels, and Of Piscator. His next volume is two intersecting books entitled English Fragments/A Brief History of the Soul forthcoming from West House Books (Sheffield, England) in conjunction with Five Seasons Press (Hereford, England).