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Miami University – Bachelor Hall – Oxford, Ohio – 10.18.07

Trevor Joyce

Trevor Joyce was born in Dublin and spent his early years in a central Dublin tenement. He was educated at University College, Dublin and University College, Cork. In 1967, he and Michael Smith began New Writers' Press and a year later produced the first issue of a magazine, The Lace Curtain, which published a range of international modernist poetry and in its later issues highlighted neglected Irish modernist poets. Joyce's early poems are collected in Sole Glum Trek (1967), Watches (1969), and Pentahedron (1972). He quit writing in the early 1970s except to complete work on The Poems of Sweeny Peregrine (1976), a translation of the Late Middle Irish poem Buile Suibhne Geilt. He began writing again in 1990, and has since published stone floods (1995), Syzygy (1998), Without Asylum (1998), and a volume of collected poems entitled with the first dream of fire they hunt the cold (New Writers' Press / Shearsman, 2001), Take Over, and Undone, Say. On his most recent tour in 2007, he read from What's In Store published by The Gig. In 2008, Courts of Air and Earth, a collection of workings from the Irish is due from Shearsman. He has been a Fulbright Scholar and was elected to the Irish affiliation of artists Aosdána in 2004. He lives in Cork, where he co-directs the SoundEye Festival of International Poetry.