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Camera Operators: Justin Katko, Keith Tuma, and Max Le Cain
SoundEye Festival 2007

Cork, Ireland – July 4th - 8th, 2007

SoundEye works to continue what The Cork International Poetry Festival started when it was first held in 1997, to promote an Irish poetry alive and active in the wider world, and bring to Ireland practices, understandings, and bodies of work which have grown up elsewhere. The 2007 incarnation included more than twenty poets from all over the world. What follows is a selection from the five day festival.

  Fanny Howe
Fanny Howe Fanny Howe grew up in Boston. She attended Stanford University and lived in California, writing pulp fiction (West Coast Nurse, Vietnam Nurse) after she dropped out of college. She then lived in New York, working as a reader for Avon Books and as a hat check girl at Joe Allen's in Times Square. She wrote more pulp fiction there and then returned to Boston where she began to publish short stories and poetry. After a volume of short stories, her first collection of poems and two short novels, her work went into small press editions. She wrote five Young Adult books for and with her children. Her poetry was published by a variety of presses. She has won NEA awards, a Lenore Marshall Award in 2000 for her Selected Poems, and a San Francisco Poetry Centre Book Award for Gone (UC, 2003). She is Professor Emerita at UCSD, but now teaches part time. She lives in New England some of the time, or elsewhere near her children and grandchildren.

  Trevor Joyce
Trevor Joyce Trevor Joyce was born in Dublin and spent his early years in a central Dublin tenement. He was educated at University College, Dublin and University College, Cork. In 1967, he and Michael Smith began New Writers' Press and a year later produced the first issue of a magazine, The Lace Curtain, which published a range of international modernist poetry and in its later issues highlighted neglected Irish modernist poets. His most recent publications include Courts of Air and Earth, a collection of workings from the Irish published by Shearsman in 2006 and What's In Store, a collection of recent poems published by The Gig in 2007. He has been a Fulbright Scholar and was elected to the Irish affiliation of artists Aosdána in 2004. He lives in Cork, where he co-directs the SoundEye Festival.

  Jow Lindsay
Jow Lindsay Jow Lindsay runs Bah Press with Marianne Morris and Saint Evensong. Instead of publishing chapbooks, Bah Press concentrates on just being a press. He and Sophie Robinson are the Audit Commission's appointed 2008 “Appointed Auditor” appointed to audit the accounts of Sean Bonney and Francis Crot-run yt communication.

  Maurice Scully
Maurice Scully Maurice Scully was born in Dublin in 1952 and educated Trinity College Dublin. He edited lit mags during the early 80s and coordinated lit events. Thence Italy, thence Africa, returning in 1990 to live west of Ireland. He taught at Dublin City University for over a decade, thence self-employed. His books include 5 Freedoms of Movement, The Basic Colours, Priority, Steps (Reality Street, 1997), Sonata (Reality Street, 2006), and Tig ( Shearsman, 2006). All of which [plus 2 more] comprise a vast work composed over 25 years with the overall title Things That Happen. A selected poems is forthcoming next year.

  Michael Smith
Michael Smith Michael Smith was born in Dublin in 1942, and has lived there since, with occasional trips to Spain. He co-founded New Writers' Press in 1967 with Trevor Joyce and was co-founder of the influential literary magazine The Lace Curtain. In 2001, he was awarded the European Academy Medal for distinguished work in the translation of poetry by the European Academy of Poetry. His poetry has appeared in many anthologies of contemporary Irish poetry, including The Penguin Book of Contemporary Irish Poetry. His books include Selected Poems (1985), Lost Genealogies (1993), and Meditations on Metaphor (1998). His major work the last few years has been a translation of the Complete Poems of Cesar Vallejo while other translations include Bécquer, Castro, Neruda, Machado, Hernández, Quevedo, Góngora, Huidobro, and Lorca. See Shearsman's website for more.

  Geoffrey Squires
Geoffrey Squires Geoffrey Squires grew up in Donegal, was educated at Cambridge, and now lives in Hull, England. He has lived for extended periods in Greece, France, the United States, and Iran. Currently, he is in the process of translating the collected works of the Persian poet Hafez (1320-1389). His books include Drowned Stones (1975) and Untitled and Other Poems (2003). His most recent works are available from the Shearsman website as e-books. You can also find a recent video-poem of his called "Repetitions" online at Wild Honey Press.

  Cai Tianxin
Cai Tianxin Born in 1963 in Huangyan, a town on the southeast coast of China , Cai Tianxin received his Ph.D. in number theory from Shandong University in 1987 and is now a poet, essayist and columnist. A talented and versatile writer, he has published 16 books of poetry, essays, travels and biography. In 1995 he founded the poetry review Apollinaire , which is now one of the most famous non-official literature magazines. He has translated into Chinese the work of Jorge Luis Borges, Gabriel Garcia Marqez, Octavio Paz, Antonio Porchia , Alejandra Pizarnik, Elizabeth Bishop and Margaret Atwood. He was a resident writer in Lavigny, Switzerland and now lives in Hangzhou (the most beautiful city in the world according to Marco Polo), where he is a professor of mathematics at Zhejiang University. Recently, his poems were translated and collected in Song of the Quiet Life published by Deep South.

  Catherine Walsh
Catherine Walsh Catherine Walsh was born in Dublin in 1964 and now lives in Limerick. With Billy Mills, she edits hardPressed Poetry. Her books include Short Stories (1989), Pitch (1994), Idir Eatortha and Making Tents (1996), and City West (2005). Longhouse Poetry has published parts of the forthcoming Optic Verve. Her work also appears in anthologies including Anthology of Twentieth-Century British and Irish Poetry (Oxford, 2001).

  Jamelia Wigmore
Jamelia Wigmore In the Bad Press Serials version 5.0 titled Everyone's Cup of Tea #1, published December 2006 in London, Jow Lindsay noted the publication of the anonymous reviews website On Company Time and in doing so asked Justin Katko to publish reviews under the name Jamelia Wigmore. Poems from Collected Vision have come out in Pilot and The New Chief Tongue.