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  •  Sean Bonney & Frances Kruk
  •     from Commons
  •         1/2 - 7:33
  •         2/2 - 8:43
  •  Alison Croggon
  •     Six Poems
  •         1/4 - 8:07
  •     "Poem for Television"
  •         2/4 - 2:38
  •     from Specula
  •         3/4 - 2:29
  •     "Translations from Nowhere"
  •         4/4 - 8:23
  •  Fergal Gaynor
  •     Eleven Pieces for Austria-Hungary
  •         1/1 - 2:50
  •  Kenneth Goldsmith
  •     from a Bern Porter poem
  •         1/1 - 6:42
  •  Randolph Healy
  •     "Public Speaking"
  •         1/1 - 4:33
  •  Frances Kruk
  •     from A Discourse on Vegetation &
  •         1/1 - 5:17
  •  Peter Manson
  •     "Erratic Heater"
  •         1/1 - 3:26
  •  Maggie O'Sullivan & Peter Manson
  •     (commentary) on Windows Opening
  •         1/1 - 3:26
  •  Maggie O'Sullivan
  •     "quag edge, ear lone"
  •         1/1 - 3:26
  •  Tom Pickard
  •     "Found Object" and from Hole in the Wall
  •         1/4 - 6:24
  •     from The Dark Months of May
  •         2/4 - 6:48
  •     from Ballad of Jamie Allan
  •         3/4 - 9:39
  •     "Hidden Agenda"
  •         4/4 - 3:24
  •  Sophie Robinson
  •     Seven Poems
  •         1/1 - 9:05
  •  Keston Sutherland
  •     First draft of _Stress Position_ 1
  •         1/2 - 9:14
  •         2/2 - 9:12

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Camera Operator: daniel Ereditario
SoundEye 12

Cork, Ireland – July 3rd - 6th, 2008

SoundEye works to continue what The Cork International Poetry Festival started in 1997, seeking to promote an Irish poetry alive and active in the wider world, and to bring to Ireland practices, understandings, and bodies of work which have grown up elsewhere.

Here we present a selection from the 12th incarnation of the event in July. More video will appear in the weeks ahead.

  Sean Bonney
Sean Bonney Sean Bonney has written Blade Pitch Control Unit (Salt, 2005), Baudelaire in English (Veer, 2008), Document (yt communication, 2006), and The "Commons" (Bad Press, 2008). His work has been translated into three languages, and he has given readings internationally. While nice straight lines make him sick, he occasions the web with his blog and publishes pamphlets, chapbooks, or a circular over at yt communication with Frances Kruk.

  Alison Croggon
Alison Croggon Born in 1962, Alison Croggon is one of a generation of Australian poets which emerged in the 1990s. Her most recent poetry publication is a chapbook, Ash (Cusp Books, 2007) and a new full collection, Theatre (Salt, 2008). Other titles include November Burning (Vagabond Press, 2004); Mnemosyne, (Wild Honey Press, 2001); The Common Flesh (Arc Publications, 2003) and Attempts at Being, (Salt, 2002). Her poetry has won the Anne Elder and Dame Mary Gilmore Prizes and has been shortlisted for several others. Alison has had nine works for theatre and opera produced around Australia and many of her poems have been set to music by various composers, most recently by Andreé Greenwell (Villainelles). She is Melbourne theatre critic for the national daily newspaper, The Australian, and keeps a blog of theatre criticism, Theatre Notes.

  Fergal Gaynor
Fergal Gaynor Fergal Gaynor studied in Swansea, Sheffield, and Cork, where he received a PhD in modernist studies. His poetry has appeared in a number of journals, including Shearsman, the Journal of Nietzsche Studies, and Poetry Salzburg Review, while his art reviews regularly appear in Circa magazine. In 2000 he founded the interventionist group art / not art with Dobz O'Brien, and has collaborated on a number of art projects, often performative and educational in character, in Ireland, Britain, Germany, and Italy. In 2005, he co-curated the Cork Caucus, and since 2006 he has helped organise SoundEye with Trevor Joyce.

  Kenneth Goldsmith
Kenneth Goldsmith Kenneth Goldsmith's writing has been called "some of the most exhaustive and beautiful collage work yet produced in poetry" by Publishers Weekly. Goldsmith is the author of ten books of poetry, founding editor of the online archive UbuWeb, and the editor of I'll Be Your Mirror: The Selected Andy Warhol Interviews, which was the basis for an opera, "Trans-Warhol," that premiered in Geneva in March of 2007. An hour-long documentary on his work, "sucking on words: Kenneth Goldsmith" premiered at the British Library in 2007. Kenneth Goldsmith is the host of a weekly radio show on New York City's WFMU. He teaches writing at The University of Pennsylvania, where he is a senior editor of PennSound, an online poetry archive.

More about Goldsmith can be found at the Electronic Poetry Center and at Wikipedia. For more on Bern Porter see his Wikipedia page.

  Randolph Healy
Randolph Healy Randolph Healy was born in Irvine, Scotland and moved to Dublin as a child. After leaving school at 14, he worked as a salesman, Hoffmann presser, telex-typist, and security man before returning to Ballymun Community School and Trinity College, Dublin, where he studied mathematical sciences. He is the editor of Wild Honey Press. Working as a maths and science teacher, he lives on the borders of Dublin and Wicklow with his wife Louise and their five children. A volume of selected poems, Green 532, has been published by Salt.

  Frances Kruk
Frances Kruk Frances Kruk lives a life of peace and tranquility in London. Her most recent literary object, A Discourse on Vegetation & Motion, was published by Critical Documents earlier in 2008. Her digital presence—noted in places such as onedit and HOW2—occasionally appears at her blog or at yt communication.

  Peter Manson
Peter Manson border= Peter Manson was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1969. His publications include me generation (unclassified; Writers Forum, 1997), Two renga (collaborations with Elizabeth James), in Renga+ (Reality Street, 2002), Before and After Mallarmé (translations; Survivors' Press, 2005), Adjunct: an Undigest (prose; Edinburgh Review, 2005), For the Good of Liars (poems; Barque Press, 2006), and Between Cup and Lip (poems, prose & visuals; MU Press, 2008). He was the 2005-6 Judith E. Wilson Visiting Fellow in Poetry at Girton College, Cambridge. More from Manson can be found at his website, Freebase Accordian.

  Maggie O’Sullivan
Maggie O'Sullivan Poet, artist, editor, publisher, Maggie O’Sullivan has been making and performing her work internationally since the late 1970s. Most recent publications are Body of Work, (Reality Street, 2006), a major retrospective, which brings together for the first time all of her long out–of–print London booklets from the 1980’s; and Windows Opening (Belladonna Chapbooks, 2007). For extensive readings from Body of Work recorded in the USA in 2007, see O’Sullivan’s author page at Pennsound. Her own website is here.

  Tom Pickard
Maggie O'Sullivan Tom Pickard is a Northumbrian poet who has also written and directed documentaries for radio and television, and has complied books of oral history. Active in the British poetry scene since the early 1960s, and associated with American poets like Allen Ginsberg, Robert Creeley, and Ed Dorn, Pickard is the author of many books, including Hole in the Wall (Flood Editions, 2002), Dark Months of May (Flood Editions, 2004), and the most recent, a libretto, The Ballad of Jamie Allan and a book of the same title (Flood Editions, 2007).

  Sophie Robinson
Sophie Robinson Sophie Robinson, born in 1985, is currently undertaking a practice–based PhD in queer poetry and performance at Royal Holloway, University of London. Her work has been included in The Reality Street Book of Sonnets (Reality Street, 2008), and to be included in in Bloodaxe’s forthcoming anthology, Voice Recognition: 21 Poets for the 21st Century. Her first collection, a, will be publishd by Les Figues Press in April 2009.

  Keston Sutherland
Keston Sutherland Keston Sutherland, 1976-, is the editor of QUID, co-editor of Barque Press, a lecturer in English at the University of Sussex, UK, and the author of Hot White Andy (Barque, 2007), Neocosis (Barque, 2005), Neutrality (Barque, 2004), The Rictus Flag (Object Permanence, 2003), and Antifreeze (Barque, 2002). He has published numerous essays on poetry, politics and philosophy. A full bibliography is available here.