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 Allen Fisher

SoundEye Festival – Cork, Ireland – 7.7.05

Allen Fisher Allen Fisher was born in South London in 1944. A poet, painter, publisher, editor and art historian, he has produced over one hundred and twenty-eight chapbooks and books of poetry, graphics and art documentation. He has exhibited his paintings in shows including a one-man show at York in 1993 and a two-man retrospective in Hereford in 1999, and examples of his work are in the Tate Gallery collection, The King's College archive and the Living Museum, Iceland. He continues to perform and write and paint. The work Gravity as a consequence of shape, a long work published in many smaller books and booklets, was begun and 1982 and completed in 2005. It is available in three volumes (GRAVITY [Salt, 2004], ENTANGLEMENT [The Gig, 2004] and LEANS [forthcoming 2008]). He is Professor of Poetry & Art and Head of Department at Manchester Metropolitan University.