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SoundEye Festival – Cork, Ireland – 7.4.05

Bill Griffiths

The death of Bill Griffiths robbed British poetry of one of its most legendary and beloved figures. Griffiths (1948-2007) was the author of some 80 pamphlets and books of poetry, including Cycles, A Tract Against the Giants, Rousseau and the Wicked, Nomad Sense, A Book of Split Cities, and The Mud Fort. His work is collected in numerous anthologies and in Future Exiles and Etruscan Reader 5. Griffiths was a small press publisher (Pirate Press, later Amra Imprint), an archivist, and a scholar of Anglo-Saxon literature. In his last years he was a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Northern Studies at Northumbria University; Northumbria University Press published his A Dictionary of North East Dialect and Pitmatic: The Talk of the North East CoalField. For more about the life and work of Griffiths, see William Rowe, ed., The Salt Companion to Bill Griffiths and the obituaries at Times Online and The Independent. Meshworks thanks William Lancaster and Steve Clews for permission to post this video of Griffiths reading at the SoundEye Festival in Cork in 2005.