Video & Sound Files

  •  Intro by cris cheek-1/7-(6:22)
  •  Stephen Rodefer-2 Poems-2/7-(3:42)
  •  Stephen Rodefer-Villon Translations-3/7-(9:16)
  •  Stephen Rodefer-5 Poems-4/7-(10:26)
  •  Stephen Rodefer-from Four Lectures-5/7-(8:56)
  •  Stephen Rodefer-Baudelaire Translations-6/7-(13:28)
  •  Stpehen Rodefer-Language Pictures and Poem-7/7-(7:43)


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 Stephen Rodefer

Miami University – Leonard Theater – Oxford, Ohio – 2.26.07

Stephen Rodefer

Rodefer is the author of numerous volumes of poetry including The Knife (1965), One or Two Love Poems from the White World (1976), The Bell Clerk's Tears Kept Flowing (1978), Plane Debris (1981), Emergency Measures (1987), Passing Duration (1991), Erasers (1994), and Left Under a Cloud (2000) . His book Four Lectures (1982) won the 1983 Annual Book Award given out by the American Poetry Center. His translations from the French include Orpheus (1983), and he is also, as the critic Hugh Kenner once noted, the only poet other than Basil Bunting to publish readable versions of the poetry of François Villon in English.