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>p o s t_m o o t – Miami University – Oxford, Ohio – 4.14.06

TNWK, 1999- : an ongoing body of works in collaboration.

We are a co-authorship; two artist-writers making work together.
We engage in conversation with site, context and participation.

We donít just work in one media.
We donít just have one mode.

TNWK (formerly Things Not Worth Keeping) is a mesh of 'occurrences'; mixed-media installations, works in video, digital photography, sound works, procedural performances, bookart and hypertext. Many of these are interactive and participatory. Aspects of occurrences to date are documented / presented 'in the rough' on our website:

The idea that something is 'not worth keeping' sparks debate. Why do we keep what we keep; what attachments, preferences, habits and beliefs do these 'things' reveal? What do we value, what do our values say about 'us'? Value-transitions, rather than value-fixities, are implied and intended by the project's title, our collaborative approach, the work and the work's frame.