Video & Sound Files

  •  Ask-Vubba — A Decalogue for Steve McCaffery, from Rainbow Darkness (6:22)
  •  El Negro (1:28)
  •  Study of a Negro Head (0:48)
  •  Face Qua Flashcard (3:19)
  •  Etiquette Card Poems (2:41)
  •  Preface 4 (4:05)
  •  October 25, 1997, A Day to Remember (1:02)


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Miami University – Leonard Theater – Oxford, Ohio – 9.22.05

Tyrone Williams

Tyrone Williams teaches literary theory and literature at Xavier University in Cincinnati,Ohio, where he chairs the English Department. He has published articles, reviews and poetry in a number of national journals, including Callaloo, The Denver Quarterly, Kenyon Review, Colorado Review, River Styx, Multicultural Review, Long News, The World, and Obsidian.

He has published a book of poems, c.c. (Krupskaya), two chapbooks of poetry, CONVALESCENCE and AAB (Slack Buddha Press), and co-edited a collection of writings by the homeless in Cincinnati. He is currently completing two books on quotation in modern art and rap music and the public. He is a featured poet in the forthcoming Miami University press anthology Rainbow Darkness, which celebrates the Diversity in African American Poetry Conference held at Miami in 2003, at which Williams presented a memorable reading.