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Camera Operators: Justin Katko and daniel Ereditario.
New British Poets

Miami University – April 9-10, 2007

The Spring 2007 issue of the Chicago Review, co-edited by Sam Ladkin & Robin Purves, featured the poetry of Andrea Brady, Chris Goode, Peter Manson, and Keston Sutherland. This group of poets and critics (minus Chris Goode) embarked on an American reading tour to support the issue, stopping in at Miami University on their way.

  Andrea Brady
Andrea Brady Andrea Brady's books of poetry include Embrace (2005) and Vacation of a Lifetime (2001). Her reviews and articles have appeared in the TLS, Poetry Review and Jacket, among other publications. She is co-editor of Barque Press and directs Archive of the Now, Brunel University's Archive of Contemporary Innovative Writing. She is co-editor of 100 Days: An Anthology and other books. She is also a scholar of the seventeenth-century and author of English Funerary Elegy in the Seventeenth Century (2006). She is Book Reviews editor for Comparative Critical Studies, the journal of the British Comparative Literature Association, and co-edited its inaugural issue on "Wolfgang Iser: The Act of Reading and After." She teaches at Brunel University.

  Peter Manson
Peter Manson Peter Manson's publications include me generation (1997), Birth Windows (1999), Two renga (collaborations with the poet Elizabeth James, in the Reality Street Editions 4-pack Renga+, 2002), Before and After Mallarmé (translations, 2005), Adjunct: an Undigest (prose, 2005), and For the Good of Liars (2006). An audio CD of extracts from Adjunct: an Undigest was released by Stem Recordings in 2004. He was the 2005-6 Judith E. Wilson Visiting Fellow in Poetry at Girton College, Cambridge. He co-edits the Object Permanence pamphlet series with Robin Purves. More from Manson can be found at

  Keston Sutherland
Keston Sutherland Keston Sutherland is the author of books and pamphlets of poetry including Neocosis (2005), Neutrality (2004), The Rictus Flag (2003), and a volume that collects several earlier pamphlets, Antifreeze (2002). He is co-editor of Barque Press and editor of the journal of poetry, poetics, and criticism, Quid. A prolific essayist, he has written on J. H. Prynne, Peter Riley, "poetry and vagueness," "prosody and reconciliation," John Wilkinson, "the trade in bathos," W. S. Graham, and other subjects. He is Lecturer in English at the University of Sussex.