• The Coming of the Troops
    edited by Justin Katko

  • Turn off the Dream Machine, Please! edited by Aaren Yandrich
    • mp4  (16:38)


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 P O S T_M O O T

a convocation of unorthodox cultural and poetic practices
Miami University – Oxford, Ohio – April 14-16, 2006

p o s t_m o o t: a festival bringing together an opportune fold of practitioners for whom the possibilities of poetry as agency in contemporary society remains a passionate concern.

p o s t_m o o t: blurring simplistic demarcations between the production and circulation of poetry(s) – teaching, archiving, bookselling, editing, researching, social activism, eventing, and curating.

p o s t_m o o t: Joshua Strauss and his camera, over 24 hours of footage*, framing interactions between performers and performances before, during, between and after.

p o s t_m o o t: selections gathered from this footage, divided into two parts, edited into two "trailers" documenting various events of the festival.

p o s t_m o o t: "Turn off the Dream Machine, Please!" = what remains of one of the aforementioned parts after applying constraints based on the dates of the festival.

p o s t_m o o t: "The Coming of the Troops" = a collage made from the other part with motivated bits extracted according to idiosyncratic notions of the sound-byte, speed, light, "semantic grapple", & etc.

p o s t_m o o t: Michael Basinski, Brian Marina Brown, Peter Castaldo, Rachel Chase, Coupons≠Coupons, cris cheek, Steph Elstro, K. Lorraine Graham, Alan Golding, Kevin R. Hollo, LA Howe, William R. Howe, Jackie Kari, jUStin!katKO, Claire Keys, Steven Paul Lansky, Kirsten Lavers, Mel Nichols, Tom Orange, Camille PB, Nicole Proctor, Jim Reiss, Dave Rothfuss, Linda Russo, George Seibel, Rachel Smith, Rod Smith, Joshua Strauss, TNWK, Rodrigo Toscano, Keith Tuma, Jerod Vance, Leah Wahlin, Mark Wallace, Leigh Waltz, Tyrone Williams, Aaren Yandrich, and Jason Zeh.

p o s t_m o o t: reduced for now to two previews of what's to come, select performances available soon as individual videos.

p o s t_m o o t:

Aaren Yandrich & Justin Katko
- -

* one tape of Josh's footage was lost in an unfortunate accident with a laser diode driver involving plagiarism and a hang-glider. This tape contained Mark Wallace, Rod Smith, and Nicole Proctor.