Video & Sound Files

  •  The Fair Cop    (4:39)
  •  Remembrance Day   (1:14)
  •  The Proxy Badge of Victimhood     (2:59)
  •  Getting On With It   (0:49)
  •  A Priest Came on at Merkland Street     (10:13)
  •  Moral Philosophy   (0:17)
  •  The Good Thief
        from Six Glasgow Poems    (1:06)
  •  Simple Simon
        from Six Glasgow Poems    (0:34)
  •  Cold Isn't It
        from Six Glasgow Poems    (0:07)
  •  A Scream
        from Six Glasgow Poems    (0:35)
  •  The Miracle of the Burd and the
        from Six Glasgow Poems    (0:20)
  •  Good Style
        from Six Glasgow Poems    (0:22)
  •  A Summer's Day     (0:16)
  •  The Dropout    (0:38)
  •  ahma hoarss
        (Hans Arp: Je Suis un Cheval)
  •  June the Second   (1:09)
  •  to have access to the silence   (4:39)

Camera Operator: Keith Tuma


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 Tom Leonard

SoundEye Festival – Cork, Ireland – 7.10.05

Tom Leonard Tom Leonard was born in Glasgow, 1944. His Intimate Voices (poems 1965-83) has been in print through three publishers for twenty years; its sequel access to the silence (poems 1984-2004) came out in 2004. He has compiled Radical Renfrew (Poetry from the French Revolution to the First World War) and written a critical biography, Places of the Mind, on the nineteenth century Scottish poet James Thomson. Some of his prose is collected in Reports from the Present: Essays, Political Satires, and Poems 1982-1994. Being a Human Being and Other Poems is his most recent chapbook (2006). More information about Leonard and his books can be found at